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We'd love to gather information about some of the may people who have contributed to YSTV over the years. Please feel free to add yourself or others you know of. Please keep this page as a simple list. If you'd like to add more detailed information about yourself or others, please feel free to do so (within reason) on a dedicated page. Checkout Help:Starting a new page for details.

Some YSTV People have lived in YSTV Residences.

YSTV Members

There is a full list of people with information in the "People" category listing.


YSTV People
Director Station Directors
Admin Team Deputy Station Directors • Treasurers • Secretaries
Production Team Production Directors • Assistant Production Directors • Heads of Presentation • Outside Broadcast Coordinators • Heads of Scripted • Heads of Factual
Commercial Team Commercial Directors • Assistant Commercial Directors • Social Secretaries
Technical Team Technical Directors • Deputy Technical Directors
Computing Team Computing Officers • Deputy Computing Officers • Webmasters
Retired Officerships
Admin Careers Officers • 50th Anniversary Officers
Production Controllers of News and Current Affairs • Deputy Controllers of News and Current Affairs • Controllers of Factual Programming • Controllers of Entertainment and Drama • Arts Correspondents • Sports Correspondents • Features Correspondents • Grapevine Managers • Training ManagersScheduling Managers
Technical Station Engineers • Network Engineers
Commercial Advertising Managers • PR Managers

Honorary Members

In the early 90's it was a tradition to award Honorary Membership to graduates who had given many good years to the service of YSTV (usually to the detriment of their degree).

This was in part a nice way of saying thanks to those that had kept the place going. It was also a way of encouraging Old Farts to return for major events, when an extra pair of hands was appreciated, and hope that with the new found wealth of a real job they would buy a round of drinks for their still student chums.

No concrete list is held so please add yourself to the list below if you are an honorary member: