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Greg Dyke returns to YSTV in May 2005

Greg Dyke is a friend of YSTV. Although it isn't thought he was a member during his time at the university during the early 1970s (his work with Nouse appears to be his only involvement with campus media) he has supported YSTV on a number of occasions, most notably when he and Tom Gutteridge (a former member turned TV executive, then in charge of Mentorn Television) urged the university to allocate new studio space to the society in 1993/4. He, along with Gutteridge and the late Richard Whitely, were guests at the opening of the current studio in October 1994.

Dyke became Chancellor of the University of York ten years later in December 2004. He granted YSTV Week a short interview on the day of his installation and answered questions on his role and his memories of York.

After being reminded of the ten year anniversary during this interview he agreed to visit YSTV in May 2005, when he was interviewed in the studio by Kat Sutton for a special edition of YSTV Week, where he re-watched footage of the reopening and answered questions from current students. During this visit he was awarded an honorary membership of the station.

During this visit Greg agreed in principle to appearing at NaSTA 2006, which was held in Leeds and co-hosted by YSTV and LS:TV. On the morning of 1st April 2006 he was interviewed by Jonathan Bufton about his memories of student media, his career in television and also answered questions from students from many different stations. There was also a minor exclusive given to NaSTA in the form of his first public comment on his failed takeover bid for ITV, which had stalled days earlier.

Greg recorded a 40th anniversary video greeting, as he was unable to visit the Birthday Party due to prior commitments. Partly as a result of the relationship established via Small Screen two years earlier, London student TV station stoic kindly agreed to record his message in their studio and send it up to York, where it was played on the night during the other speeches and presentations.

In 2015, during Greg's final year as Chancellor of the University, he gave YSTV a parting gift in the form of a substantial monetary donation. This money was put to use getting us another set of HD vision equipment and a new (digital) sound desk.