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Tom Gutteridge is perhaps the most successful of YSTV's alumni.

He was a student at York in the early 1970s, and according to Greg Dyke's autobigraphy Inside Story he was "running" York Student Television at this point (with Greg a journalist at Nouse - there is no evidence he was an active member of the station whilst a student).

He became well-known in the TV industry fairly quickly, including directing the BBC's live coverage of the 1983 General Election. In 1985 he founded Mentorn, which became the UK's largest independent production companies. In 1991 he bid for the ITV London weekend franchise against his old colleague Greg Dyke's LWT, although was subsequently defeated. Also, between 1993 and 2000 he was the partner of Anneka Rice.

In 1993 he, along with Greg Dyke (who had seemingly forgiven him by this point), wrote to the university to persuade them to allocate YSTV new studio space. It is perhaps this intervention that YSTV owes its modern existence to. He attended the opening of the new studio G/046 (with Dyke and the late Richard Whitely of Yorkshire-Tyne Tees) in October 1994.

Gutteridge returned to York in February 2003 to deliver a lecture on the effect of multi-channel television.