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If you are a previous member of YSTV or were otherwise involved with YSTV, you may have a page on this wiki. Since this wiki is a collaborative effort, information may not be perfectly accurate and in some cases may be flat out wrong. Members of this wiki are encouraged to tag text when information is incomplete or unverified, but sometimes mistakes are made.

If you're happy with your page, we'd love to have you expand upon it. If there's any information that you would like to add, then you should contact the current Head of Archives via, who can either change the page for you or guide you through the process of creating an account so that you can change the information yourself.

If you've discovered your page and there is information on it that you disagree with, then you should also let the head of archives know via the above email address. Since the wiki is composed of interlinking pages, we prefer not to entirely remove pages where possible, as it leaves broken links and holes in YSTV's history. If you believe having a page on the YSTV wiki is genuinely harmful, then please let us know and we will try to accommodate you.