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In 2006, YSTV jointly hosted NaSTA with LS:TV. We took nineteen members to Leeds.

After the debacle of the previous year it was decided to compromise on a shorter duration of three days/two nights as opposed to the four days/three nights of recent years, as this would reduce the pressure on the organisers and the price of attending the event. The conference was also moved to sit over a long weekend as opposed to weekdays, allowing students with holiday jobs and those who had now graduated to attend (giving rise to "PaSTA").

The conference was held in Leeds, with LS:TV arranging most of the logistics and YSTV finding judges and speakers and co-ordinating the collection and distribution of entries, collating of results etc.

Rowan de Pomerai was YSTV's co-ordinator, working closely both with members of YSTV and with Sarah Whitebread, LS:TV's co-ordinator.

Rowan had the unfortunate responsibility of collecting the results, and thus spoiling the surprise for the night itself.

Richard Ash put much work into developing a script to make DVDs from the MPEG2 files sent in by stations (a new requirement we introduced - tapes had mostly been used in the past). This enabled us to create, check and deliver the full set of 23 entries DVDs in under two weeks, as well as distributing copies of the entries to other stations after the awards.

Dan Thornton and Lucy Watkins hosted the awards on behalf of YSTV, in conjunction with Claire Pocock and Alex Smith from LS:TV.

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