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Rowan de Pomerai was an active member of YSTV between 2003 and 2007. Having missed the welcome meeting in his first year due to another commitment, he timidly wandered in to the station one day (those who know him now may find this hard to believe) where he met the Station Director, Dave Baker. Being back in the days of paper signup sheets, he was coerced into signing up for Games Disaster there and then. Despite crewing the odd show, Rowan didn't get properly involved with YSTV until he volunteered to edit Best Broadcaster for NaSTA 2004, along with Jonathan Bufton. This was the start of a beautiful friendship, not to mention a string of 4 Best Broadcasters which had Rowan as one of the main editors.

He held the following officerships:

He was a producer of 2 shows:

He was involved with organising some of YSTV's big events:

Rowan left YSTV in the summer of 2007, and in the following September joined the illustrious ranks of YSTV alumni who work at the BBC, with a job in Future Media & Technology. He now lives in Battersea with Dave, who probably regrets that fateful day that Rowan walked in and met him in YSTV.

Rowan likes to think he is sadly missed by all, but he is probably mistaken.

Rowan made another unexpected contribution to YSTV in early 2011, when he judged NaSTA's Technical category, and chose YSTV's chainable matrixes as the winning project.