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2004's YSTV crew at NaSTA

NaSTA 2004 was held in Norwich by NEXUS UTV over four days in April 2004. YSTV managed a 50% improvement on the previous year by taking six members - Dave Baker, Jonathan Bufton, Rowan de Pomerai, James Flinders, Jen Ayerst and Pete Nichols. This was fairly remarkable given the uphill struggle persuading people to come - as the previous year had seen all but four active members graduate there were now only two people left who had been the previous year to enthuse about how great NaSTA is and how it was worth blowing over a hundred quid on!

Upon arriving, activities included the traditional Golden Bodge, which this year saw YSTV performing a tribute to BBC One's Bollywood ident, Jen Ayerst dressing up as Margaret Thatcher and Jonathan Bufton & Dave Baker impersonating the Chuckle Brothers (Jonathan would later be recognised as a Chuckle Brother by another NaSTA veteran three years later). The popular hit parade tune "Milkshake" was also involved somewhere along the line. Somehow XTV ended up with the tape and kindly put it [online], so we can all relive the horror!

There was a talk from Paul Cornell, whose episode of the revived Doctor Who ("Father's Day") was about to go into production, and someone who wanted to take over distribution of student TV stations.

The first night saw a pub quiz and the second a trip to the rather sleazy club "Mercy" in the city centre. Those who texted the big screen in the club received spam texts for months afterwards informing them which minor celeb was visiting that week. The final night was the awards, which saw an incredible four awards for The Music Show, Small Screen, Elections 2003's title seqeunce and the Ocean ident. It's thought that this year represents YSTV's largest ever haul of awards, which was all the more impressive given the dearth of membership in the year since the previous NaSTA. However greater things were to follow in 2005 with the Highly Commended Best Broadcaster going to YSTV.

There was some criticism of this NaSTA, mainly because of the high price (£111 - about £30 more expensive than 2003) and because there was little to do during the day on campus. Because of this 2004 was the last three-night event, and there were big changes planned by the host of NaSTA 2005...

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