The Music Show

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The Music Show
Genre: Music
First Broadcast: November 2003
Last Broadcast: June 2005
Producer(s): Pete Nichols

The Music Show was the brainchild of Pete Nichols. It began in November 2003, and according to the YSTV quotes board the first programme opened with the immortal line "Welcome to the first edition of The Music Show. So what's the show all about, Pete?". Initially hosted by Pete, Sarah Richards and Sam Meek-Welsh (later Lydia Haddrell) it would round up the week's music news, review the latest singles, run through the singles and album charts, show the latest videos and catch up with events on campus. It was also one of the first shows other than YSTV Week to use chroma key technology. The show deservedly won Best Music Programme at NaSTA 2004.

From the autumn term of 2004 the show was made as more of a team effort, with Pete taking a behind-the-scenes role for most editions, and was mostly hosted by new presenters including Lucy Watkins and Ben Tattersall-Smith. However copyright issues meant that it was one of two regular YSTV shows at the time (the other being The Review) not to be included in the new Watch Online service (apart from some specially edited highlights editions).

The programme was also notable for having four different title sequences in the space of under eighteen months.

Despite tentative plans to "hand over" production to the new team when Pete graduated, the show ended in June 2005. The show was effectively replaced by Acoustic Treatment, which had more of an emphasis on live music in the studio.

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