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The online YSTV quotes board was born in the summer of 2003. For many, many years "humorous" quotes had often been collected during productions, sometimes to be put online (such as in Games Disaster III's dedicated website) but usually forgotten about ultimately. The online "board" was added to find a place to view these and be stored for history to judge upon (not necessarily a good thing!). It was initially accessible from the main website until a number of rather bizarre unsolicited contributions led to it being moved to the internal pages, along with the new YSTV Messageboard. Now nearly four years' worth of random mutterings are available to view. The most quotable person in YSTV over this time has probably been Cally Nixon due to her ability to spot dirty innuendo in most conversations - what would the children think?

It should be pointed out that the idea of a quotes board, rather like Good Morning Campus, actually originated much earlier in the station's history. In the early-mid 1990s, quotes were written on a sheet pinned to a wall in the "office" of P/X/002, and the practice continued after the move. Alan Murrell was particularly quotable... If the messageboard could handle random mutterings going back 17 years or so, they could probably be supplied.

After a brief hiatus the quotes board came back as part of the 2009 website redesign, with quotes pulled out of the archived old site back to about 2006Unverified or incomplete information, and still remains in active (and hilarious) use, although is often hidden in the first few weeks of the new year to avoid scaring too many people off!

The holy grail of being a YSTV member: Being immortalised on the quotes board by saying something stupid, embarrassing, perverted and - very occasionally - something actually funny.