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NaSTA 2015 was held in Preston by PTV. YSTV took along 16 members.

YSTV won Highly Commended Technical Achievement, this time with Autocue, marking the third consecutive year the Technical Team brought home a trophy but weren't "in it to win it this year". This is all we took home, but we were against some very tough entries. Many members also lost some of their dignity in the process.

Other highlights included:

  • Having been given the Golden Bodge categories of "Coming of age comedy" with the line "Just make one up" (which we did via Morrissey and got "I can't do it while you're watching"), YSTV reprised its role as the station that produces musical numbers, with a parody of Les Mis, entitled "One Bodge More"[1]. This was to be the last piece of content produced by Lloyd Wallis for YSTV, and was acclaimed as Best Golden Bodge in the 2015 NaSTA People's Choice Awards.
  • Chris Wall woke up in the wrong hotel on Sunday Morning.
  • Sam Nicholson proudly got in a procedural motion at the AGM, with Liz Pascoe threatening another due to an intense discussion based around "What is art?".
  • A narrowly-avoided vote on whether we were voting to vote or to have a referendum, on which we would later vote. The motion was eventually withdrawn without a vote.
  • Some industry talks.
  • Not Chris Wall's room, actually.
  • An awards evening in a place that looked strangely like Central Hall.
  • Some really, really terrible Nose Hats

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