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NaSTA 2007 was held at Warwick University, with the conference jointly organised by Warwick and Birmingham (GTV). In the same manner as the previous year, Warwick dealt with the hosting, and Birmingham with the entries and judges. YSTV took an amazing twenty-three members to the conference, although not all stayed the whole three days. There was also a larger group of Old Farts than ever before attending in 2007 .

YSTV won the Open category with Welcome to Venus, Best Documentary went to Dead York, and Highly Commended Drama went to Double Take.

The conference was once again 3 days long, yet this year saw the awards dinner on the first night. Some of the highlights included:

Saturday: Position meetings for discussing different aspects of student TV with people from other stations involved in similar areas, A talk from Lizo Mzimba; a presenter for CBBC's Newsround, the awards dinner, an after party held in one of Warwick's on-campus clubs, and the unofficial after after party!

Sunday: Various talks from a number of production companies including for the first time independent student run production companies set up from experience gained in student TV, the NaSTA AGM, the filming of the Golden Bodge, and a party in Warwick's union at night.

Monday: The screening of the Golden bodges (for which the prize this year was a hand made golden bodge), and a talk from Current TV; a television channel which incorporates viewer generated content in its broadcasting.

Our Golden Bodge was:

  • Style: Hungarian Period Drama
  • Subject: Dolly Parton Convention
  • Line: And that, officer, is when she bent me over and spanked me.

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