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NaSTA 2005 was held in Loughborough in April 2005 by LSUTV. YSTV took eleven members.

Loughborough were full of promises about how brilliant their NaSTA was going to be, even going as far as rubbishing previous conferences hosted by GUST and Nexus UTV. It would be cheap and it would be packed with events. When details were eventually announced and it wasn't cheap or particularly eventful there were many complaints on the NaSTA forum. As a result of these Loughborough decided to pull the plug on that year's event, which triggered a near-revolt amongst member stations who saw it as LSUTV's duty to run the event as planned. Around this point it emerged that Loughborough Students' Union were organising the event, rather than LSUTV.

Eventually a compromise was agreed that the conference would just be one night. It consisted of some new "team talks" on day one, where various stations would get together and discuss how they work. The awards dinner was on the same night, and saw YSTV take home awards for the Terrain ident, The Review's title sequence and also Highly Commended Best Broadcaster for the first time in three years. On the final day there were talks from people involved in Nickleodeon and Inside Out, and the AGM.

Despite the build-up the conference was not at all bad in the end. It did however warn stations of the amount of work involved in hosting NaSTA, and 2006 and 2007's events were both jointly hosted by two stations.

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