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NaSTA 2020 was due to take place in Salford in April 2020, however due to the outbreak of Coronavirus it was postponed until October 2020. Ultimately, it ended up being the first ever online NaSTA Awards ceremony, with the broadcast taking place on October 17th.

Despite plans by Social Secretary Sophie Bolwell-Davies to host a socially-distanced gathering in the YUSU venue "The Den", this idea had to be abandoned when York was categorized as a "high" risk area and YUSU cancelled the booking. Therefore, YSTV members tuned in to the ceremony from their separate households, with former Co-Station Director Thomas Schubert and former Production Director Olivia Gibbs delivering the acceptance speeches on YSTV's behalf.


The YSTV entries (overseen by Head of Presentation Matthew Zeffertt) managed to snatch up an staggering amount of 11 nominations - of which 6 ended up winning awards.


  • Due to host station QuaysTV occasionally reading out tweets during the broadcast, YSTV instinctively decided to use that for their own publicity. The YSTV tweets included in the broadcast were a group picture of the gathered members at Station Director Zoe Dickinson's house (including an flying Andrew Waddle), a wonderful picture of Joe Wharfe's new mullet by Caroline Preynat-Viero and Olivia Gibbs commenting on the host's attractiveness via Hope Shooter's twitter account.
  • The Best Documentary and Factual category was judged by none other than YSTV alumni of Checkmate fame Steven Perring.
  • As chair and Technical Officer respectively, YSTV alumni Edwin Barnes and Tom Lee were heavily involved in the planning of the event, and both re-ran for their positions at NaSTA at the following AGM

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