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Steven joined at the 2009 Fresher's Fair after dreaming of the day when he could join YSTV. Whilst that's a blatant lie his choice to come to York Uni was greatly swayed by the presence of YSTV. Steven started out in YSTV as a reporter on 'Round Up' where he got a chance to wind up much of the higher level university staff by asking them difficult questions. The James College provost still won't talk to him after he implied that James College N Block was the worst student accommodation for miles around.

In his first year he was also Nouse/YSTV's Video Editor after being forced into it by Anna Bucks and started producing YSTV's Fresher's Guide for 2010.

Steven was elected Station Director on the 17th of May 2010 and once elected he worked hard to make YSTV more visible on campus as well as annoy the other media society heads. "It's just too easy!". He essentially gave up a week of his life to make all the videos for the first ever YUSU Awards in June 2010 and in return YSTV had a network of some sorts as all of YUSU's screens were showing YSTV. This was repeated for Woodstock 2010.

Steven produced YSTV's Fresher's Guide to York, which damn near killed him. With a 19 week production he claims that it's the longest production that YSTV has ever undertaken, well, second to Man Man thanks to Simon Harris' glacial editing speed. The production involved working with the university on a level unparalleled in YSTV memory and, if Steven's warnings are heeded, never will again. He managed to convince the university to let him show 'typical' rooms and spent the whole of the summer term 2010 devoting a bit too much time into getting into as many rooms as possible, often with a camera! YSTV's Fresher's Guide to York went live online Thursday 12th August 2010 and after a hail of complaints from Langwith and Derwent colleges, a newer improved version was launched on 16th August with the tagline "now with 100% more Langwith and Derwent!" The video was placed onto the university accommodation website and most of the college JCRCs wanted their part on their sites.

As Station Director Steven worked with Commerical Services at the University to get YSTV onto the screens on campus, to build on the success of Woodstock 2011. He also formed close links with the new TFTV department, and through them got YSTV involved with local TV, although this was subsequently abandoned under later Station Directors. He worked alongside the Charities Commission to safeguard Children In Need against ultra-virus laws, and helped relaunch the show in 2010 live from PX/001. He opened up links with the local community, pioneering the Freshers Roadshow and Fresher's Prize Draw the first of which happened in 2010, with the top prize being a hamper from Bettys that he had somehow managed to blag, along with 5 years worth of Yorkshire Tea that kept appearing in the studio! He also organised and produced the central film for the Children In Need show, 'The Yorkshire Pass Challenge, by working alongside Visit York. He won the Greg Dyke Award for Contribution to Student Media at the 2011 YUSU Awards.

Whilst Station Director Steven worked with Alex Balmer to encourage as many new shows to be developed as possible. It was under his time as Station Director that The York Link, TUC, Spotlight, The Sound Lab, and Student Kitchen all premiered. The York Sport Show was also re-launched by Sarah Pickles. In 2011, YSTV won highly commended Best Broadcaster at the 2011 NaSTA Awards, as well as best Technical Achievement. He continued his winning partnership with Michael Miller in 2012, co-ordinating and editing the Best Broadcaster winning NaSTA showreel with Sarah Pickles and Chris Wall.

Having been a history student, Steven has a real passion for the past and this was reflected with his work with the YSTV Archive. He led the digitisation project of the VHS archive, and worked with the Yorkshire Film Archive to get the remainder of the archive available to view. He created and helped to curate the YSTV Collection at the Yorkshire Film Archive, established in October 2012. He was also in the process of establishing at YSTV collection at the Borthwick Institute for Archives, to house our paper collection, as he left the University.

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