Past to Present

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Past to Present
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Genre: Documentary (History)
First Broadcast: 2012

The first History documentary series in student television history. Overseen by Steven Perring, with each episode written and presented by somebody different.

Richard III: Myth of a Monster James Carr examined the myth of Richard III, and looked at his impact on the city of York.

The Pearl of York Kirsty Rogers asked the question who is Margaret Clitherow and why is there a petition to get a street in York named after her?

1066: Fear, Fratricide and Fire Miles Deverson explored the role that York and Fulford played in 1066.

Guy Fawkes: Man or Icon? Joanna Starzynski explored the story of York-born Guy Fawkes and his links to the city: past, present and supernatural.

City of Steel Sam Crowley explored what happened to the City of Sheffield and its inhabitants during and after the collapse of the steel industry, and what it's future may hold.

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