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Man Man
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Genre: Comedy
First Broadcast: 2009
Producer(s): Mark Friend
Simon Harris

A fucking awesome show (patent pending).

Man Man is a comedy superhero drama created by Mark Friend concerning a superhero with the power of two men. The 3-episode series was produced for YSTV by Mark and Simon Harris.

A shortened edit of Episode 1 won Highly Commended Comedy at NaSTA 2010.

No Children - Children in Need 2009 special

A special episode, which served as the show's pilot, was done for Children In Need 2009 with a Dr Seuss style poem. This promoted that the first episode would be ready by Christmas (it wasn't).

Written, starring, filmed, edited and produced by Mark Friend and Simon Harris with filming assistance from Alex Muller.

Episode 1: Breaking Convention

“This looks like a job for Answering Machine Man! Wait— I mean me, Man Man! Eh, maybe later.”

A deadly attack decimating the world's superheroes throws Man Man into a sudden state of responsibility, including retrieving an old lady's precious cake gateau. Newsreader Edwin Swyft gets more than he bargained for when things turn sour at the local TV station.

Filming began 10th November 2009 in the Quiet Place by Heslington Hall. It didn't finish until the end of March 2010 due to a number of things holding Mark and Simon up — degrees, Children In Need 2009, NaSTA editing, and that goshdarn Christmas. However, Episode 1 was finally released to the masses on 16th April 2010.

Episode 2: The X-Men Factor

“So, would you like to introduce yourself? Tell us a bit about your powers?”

After narrowly avoiding a sticky end from one of his nemeses, Man Man questions how much he can accomplish as one man (with the power of two men) and decides to recruit a sidekick. Meanwhile, the grisly murders at LocalTV continue, even as Swyft's presenting career goes from strength to strength. An eagle gets stuck in a vent.

Written and filmed alongside Episode 3 between May and September 2010, and edited remotely by Simon from October. The episode arrived, as an April fools joke, on April 1st. (No, really! It went up at 11:58 AM, but nobody believed it.)

A cut-down version of Episode 2 was submitted for NaSTA 2011 in the Best Comedy category, but it didn't place.

A director's cut of Episode 2 followed in late 2012, when during Episode 3 editing, Mark and Simon realised they forgot to include the super important cliffhanger scene that sets up the next episode. They also took the opportunity to film some extra shots to flesh out the original story. This is the version of Episode 2 you should watch. (Seriously, it's just all-round better. Got more corn flakes in it too.)

This is Mark's favourite episode.

Episode 3: Get Cape. Wear Cape. Die!

“Hello, Destiny?”

Swyft and Man Man rush to find clues that exonerate them from the LocalTV murders. As the trail starts to run cold, the mastermind, and their dastardly plan for world domination, are revealed at last. A microwave-related incident occurs.

Written and filmed alongside Episode 2, and next in line at the Editing Hole. Episode 3 was released October 2013, finally completing the visionary creators' intended trilogy for anyone who was still keeping up.

This is Simon's favourite episode.


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