Simon Harris

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Simon Harris

Born in the streets and raised by a trio of benevolent lampposts, Simon joined YSTV in 2006 with an intent on Making Technical Stuff Happen™. This plan quickly showed its worth, as Simon was elected Deputy Technical Director under the iron-fisted rule of Nick Howell.

It was not to last, however; he left for greener pastures in the form of Network Engineer. He held this position for 2 years, replacing the dying analogue network with a series of specially-tricked-out laptops. It sort-of worked, and no one had any better ideas, so it flew.

Not content with the technical side of YSTV, Simon arbitrarily decided that production was also his forte. He co-produced the awesome new titles for Your Answer's Rubbish, which premiered in series 2. This began a great production partnership with Mark Friend that resulted in award-winning comedy thriller Man Man, visual FX organisation Punch Punch Queen, and a new flavour of Ronseal.

Simon is now married to a USB cable and has three children. They are all backwards-compatible.