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The following is based on a true story...except that all the facts have been changed.

Mark Friend joined YSTV at Fresher's Fair in 2006 and quickly became an integrated member despite having to frequently dismiss Rowan de Pomerai's amourous advances on nearly a twice daily basis.

During his first term Mark became the assistant producer on Limited Edition, and while continually compared to Top Gear's dog, Mark held back the tears and produced the hell out of the show. Despite not wanting to, mostly due to his hideous physical deformities, Mark actually appeared in front of the camera on several of the Limited Edition episodes.

At the AGM in 2007, Mark was elected Station Director, mostly due to the fact that no one else stood for that position, and also mostly because several YSTV members pushed him into it, saying "Yeah, you should stand for SD."

During his second year, Mark collaborated with Sarah Selby AKA Sleese, on the hit quiz show Your Answer's Rubbish. The pair produced and presented the show together, and it was good, mostly. After a year long run and 10 episodes Your Answer's Rubbish ended with a bang, and due to Sarah's departure from YSTV, to be a mother and stuff, Mark vowed to end Rubbish as it wouuldn't be the same.

At the 2008 AGM, Mark ran for the position of Head of Presentation but was beaten by Roxanne Benson-Mackey. Mark refuses to admit she was better, and blames the defeat on not actually having time to prepare a speech as he was too busy preparing the AGM itself. A few weeks later Mark was elected Treasurer due to a lack of interest from everyone else, and Mark's continual desire to get a key to the YSTV station back. A few more weeks later Mark was elected PR Manager in an attempt to work alongside Katie Anderson the former Secretary once again, and because she had no one else on her team.

Mark's third year began with him trying to avoid YSTV in favour of his degree. It didn't last however. Mark found himself drawn to YSTV like a moth to a flame, and once again got suckered into the society. It wasn't until after he had finished his degree in Summer Term however, that led a bored Mark to bring back Your Answer's Rubbish. While the pain of Sleese's absence was abundant, Mark soldiered on and produced 2 new episodes, and a kick ass new opening titles with the help of Simon Harris.

During the aforementioned Summer Term, Mark was elected Production Director, and once more shows began to flourish on our screens.

By his fourth year, Mark still sacrificed his degree in favour of YSTV by not only producing and presenting Your Answer's Rubbish, but also producing and starring in Man Man alongside Simon Harris (plus extras), and also producing and starring in Children in Need 2009 with Simon Harris and Iain Cooke.


Station Director 2007-2008

Treasurer 2008-2009

PR Manager 2008

Production Director 2009-2010

Shows Produced

Limited Edition 2006-2007

Your Answer's Rubbish 2007-2010

Man Man 2009-2010

Children In Need 2009 2009