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Roxanne became Production Director in March 2007, and held that post until elected as Head of Presentation at the AGM in May 2008. At the AGM in May 2009 Roxanne was elected Scheduling Manager a position she held until she graduated in July 2009.

Roxanne produced and presented a number of shows during her time at YSTV, most notably Friday Night Live with Kristy Harper. The pair briefly took the show in a new direction, it became pre-recorded, and changed its name to 'The Roxanne and Kristy Show'. Unfortunatly only one episode of 'The Roxanne and Kristy Show' was made, due to degree commitments.

Roxanne produced the 2009 coverage of the YUSU Elections with Matthew Tole. The coverage recieved the highest ever viewing figures for YSTV and won the pair a York University Media Award for 'Best Live Coverage'.

After graduating Roxanne took up a job at the BBC Studios in London.

Facts you may not know:

  • Roxanne is the only person never beaten at FourPlay.
  • Roxanne had a brief cameo on the Mexican soap opera Rebelde.
  • Her favourite biscuits are 'chips ahoy'.


Shows Presented: