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Genre: News
First Broadcast: December 2006
Producer(s): Will Hotham
David Carpenter
Damian Posener
Lydia Vas Nunes

After YSTV Week was discontinued in the summer of 2006 due to a lack of anyone willing to take the workload on, Will Hotham and David Carpenter proposed a new News show in November 2006. The pilot went out in week 9, and it became a ratified show for 2007.

The set makes use of the Sofa, re-re-painted YSTV Week set boards (after they were painted orange for FourPlay), the coffee table and oval table-top, and the Green Screen for the What's On section.

In week 8 of Spring term 2007, the show was handed over to Damian Posener and Lydia Vas Nunes to produce, as Will and David found their final year workload stretching them too far.

The title has also been used (very briefly) for a filler news programme between Bulletin and YSTV Week in May 2003. It has a page here.

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