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Genre: Quiz Show
First Broadcast: October 2006
Last Broadcast: February 2007
Producer(s): Matthew Tole


The FourPlay gameboard

FourPlay was conceived in 2006 by Matthew Tole as a cross between a quiz show and the game Connect 4. It was designed to be a way of getting non-YSTV connected students on the show, and thus getting viewers.


Each show has four contestants, who compete in two heats, the winners of which play in the show final. Contestants take it in turns to choose a category, from which a question is asked. Whoever buzzes in first and answers correctly gets a counter in the corresponding column. The contestant who first gets 4 counters in a row horizontally, vertically or diagonally wins the round.

First Series

The first "series" of FourPlay ran during the Autumn term of 2006/2007, consisting of four episodes. It was presented by Simon Ramzi (3 episodes) and Anna Metcalfe (1 epsiode). The title sequence was initially made in 10 minutes before the pilot, and changed slightly for every following episode. The opening title music is in fact played at twice the original tempo because it seemed rather slow at the time. The set was orange set boards with black light columns and the LipSync buzzers.


Show 1

Show 2

Show 3

Show 4

Elections 2007 Special

As part of the coverage of the 2007 SU Elections, FourPlay was brought back in Week 7 of the Spring Term 2007 for an Election Special. There was a new set, brought about by the fact that some (but not all) of the old set had been painted for YSTV News, a new source of questions (Trivial Pursuit 20th Edition), and a new presenter (Roxanne Benson-Mackey).


  • Amy Woods
  • Colin Hindson
  • Amy Foxton (winner)
  • Rory Shanks

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