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YSTV's first sofa arrived in 94/95. With the extra space, of the new studio, sets consisting of more than 4 chairs (the limit in PX002) were possible. The sofa was donated by one of the office staff in the electronics department. Collected in the back of an estate car it arrived with cat scratches on the back and at least 2 wheels missing. Used for any show that needed a 'soft' set, the sofa also became a useful place to hang out and watch TV. Scandalous gossip over whether the sofa had been 'slept on' became a theme of post station meeting sessions in the bar. Finally, it was thrown away in 2001 after being classed as a fire hazard. This incredibly made the pages of Vision.

A new (smaller) sofa was found by a skip in May 2005. After initial reluctance, it became a valued member of the society. During the summer break in 2006, attempts were made to repair the broken springs, and add castors to allow the sofa to be easily moved. The castors eventually broke, and have since been replaced with legs.

No-one attempted to throw it away until the summer of 2008, when it was dutifully replaced with a brand new sofa bought from IKEA. The former sofa was humanely returned to its natural habitat of the skip outside Biology, and the new sofa was adopted as a society prop.

The IKEA sofa (a "Klippan" 2-seater) has removable covers, currently in three colours (black, cream and red), the theory being that dirty covers are a lot easier to clean than a non-removable one.

Unfortunately, immediately upon returning it to the studio after Live on the Lawn in 2013 Chris Wall managed to break the IKEA sofa by jumping on it, so it was sent to the great studio in the sky (some people call it that skip outside the Drama Barn) and an identical Klippan sofa was bought.

At some point we got another one, possibly around Freshers 2015?Unverified or incomplete information

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