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Also known as York Vision, launched around 1986 as a more populist alternative to Nouse.

In the early 2000s the paper really seemed to have a problem with YSTV, variously referring to it as "Minority Geek Soc" and "Clock Soc", and for many years running a spoof YSTV listings column headed by a picture of The Simpsons. In particular in 2003/4 there was an clash between the two sparked by a nasty leader comment about YSTV's "generous" YUSU budget allocation (actually around £1000 less than Vision). This led to a letter from Dave Baker (but largely penned by Jonathan Bufton) pointing out this fact, and also that the money had led to a number of awards at NaSTA - but unlike Vision, YSTV didn't shout about its success quite as much. Predictably Vision then retaliated by questioning the value of NaSTA awards...and so it interminably went on.

In recent years Vision has been more concilliatory, even reporting the station's success from time to time. This may be due to the launch of the Video Server and online programming (and the dropping of all simulcasting) making YSTV's output easier to see, or it may just have been a fairly nasty period in the paper's history - URY and Nouse also suffered at their hands.

In June 2007 YSTV came 49th (out of 50) in the annual Vision power list. No-one seems to know quite why this happened but it certainly marks a turnaround in relations between the two societies.