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The second incarnation of Bulletin was brought to an end on 22nd May 2003, with YSTV Week beginning the following Thursday. In between the two, however, was a very short-lived footnote to the history of YSTV's news output.

With large numbers of members about to graduate (resulting in the station being run by the Gang of Four) the remaining members all needed to be able to direct programmes, and with time running out the race was on to get them trained up. Unfortunately the station only had two regular programmes during that period - the news and the fortnightly Bona Dicta. This meant extra shows had to be created at short notice in order to give the new directors practice.

As Bulletin had just finished and YSTV Week had yet to start, a new programme had to be used to perform this purpose. YSTV News was effectively Bulletin in all but name - it featured the same format the show had used towards the end of its time on air. All references to both Bulletin and YSTV Week were avoided though - the end titles were used as opening titles (they didn't feature the programme name), and the new light boxes that were to form the centre piece of the new set were hidden from view. Despite the effort one edition did feature the old show's name on the graphics.

YSTV News had no purpose whatsoever other than to give the new directors chance to practice on a live show, and as such only ran for two or three editions in May 2003. The last edition ended with the new YSTV Week being promoted. However the name was later used again for the post-YSTV Week incarnation of the station's news output, YSTV News, from December 2006.

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