Children In Need 2009

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Children in Need 2009
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Genre: Events Coverage
Broadcast: Saturday 21st November 2009
Producer(s): Iain Cooke
Mark Friend
Simon Harris
Simon Jones
Fionna Tod

The first hour was presented by Simon Jones and Hannah Brearley, and directed by Damian Posener. The presenter challenge was to face paint the other presenter as Pudsey.

The second hour was presented by Alexander Prowse and Fionna Tod, and directed by Matthew Tole. The presenter challenge was to decorate a cake as Pudsey. The crew then got to eat it.

The third hour was presented by Mark Friend and Lorna Blake, and directed by Iain Cooke. The presenter challenge was to make Pudsey out of rubbish, Your Answer's Rubbish style.

As in previous years, Mastermind made a return with the specialist subject round in the first hour, the general knowledge round in the second hour and prize giving in the last hour. The contestants were Lorna Blake, Madeleine Brown, Chii Fen Hiu and Simon Jones.


1st hour

  • Summary of Children In Need 2008.
  • Dance Lesson - Luke Malkin from Dancesport teaches Mark and Fionna how to jive. Also acted as a plug for York Come Dancing.
  • York Sport Quidditch Special - Mark and York Sport President Emily Scott commentate on the "York vs Lancaster" quidditch match (shown behind them on YUSU's plasma).

2nd hour

  • History of Children in Need.
  • Special edition of YSTV Roundup.
  • A Your Answer's Rubbish Children in Need special with contestants from YUSU.
  • Anti-fund raising Part 1 - New charity regulations meant that as part of YUSU, YSTV was only allowed to raise money for RAG and couldn't for another charity. Mark tried to come up with various ways round this but none were acceptable. As a protest against this, he went round campus giving away his money to students.

3rd hour

  • Welcome to Penis - Spoof of Welcome to Venus.
  • Anti-fund raising Part 2
  • A special episode of Man Man with a Dr Seuss style Children in Need poem.

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