The York Sport Show

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The York Sport Show
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Genre: Sport
First Broadcast: 2008
Producer(s): Matthew Tole

Produced in association with York Sport and Nouse. The York Sport Show is a round up of the Wednesday sports matches. As many of the home matches as possible are covered on the Wednesday afternoon and short "highlight" VTs are edited from the footage filmed. The VTs are then ready for the evening recording in the studio. A final edit of the studio footage is then done with title sequence and end credits added. The final programme is encoded over night, ready to be added to the website the following morning.

The videos are embedded on the Nouse website with their weekly sports round-up. The video are also linked to from the York Sport website, although the first seven were uploaded to YouTube so that they could embed them on their Google Sites pages.

2008-2009 Shows

On the Green Screen

The first episode was recorded "as live" in front of the Green Screen with York Sport's campus media liaison, Emily Scott, presenting. The original aim was to get the programme ready in time to be shown in Derwent at the start of the York Sport social evening. The deadline wasn't met, but it was ready in time to be shown later in town at Club Salvation. It was decided for the subsequent shows that it wasn't practical to have the programme ready in time to be shown the same evening.

The second episode followed the same format, although it was decided to do the keying in post so that timing the footage to the script was not as problematic. Unfortunately, after many attempts, no-one could successfully key the footage so the episode was abandoned. The sports footage was shown at the end of the following episode.

YUSU Plasma

YUSU had recently bought AVs two large plasma screens for use at events. Since they were not being used often, Alex Lacy (York Sport President) managed to get one of them for use in the show. Black drapes were used for the set (York Sport's colour scheme is black and yellow) with one covering the plasma stand making it appear to float. The plasma ended up staying in YSTV all term (apart from a couple of occasions when it was "borrowed" back from us), so ended up being used for Children In Need 2008 as well.

Episodes 3 and 4 had the plasma displaying the results with Emily standing beside it. The VTs were edited in later over the report making it easier for re-takes to be cut together. FaffoCue was also brought in to action from this point.

Episode 5 onwards had two presenters to share the reporting which helped improve the programme when there were a few results in a row without any video footage in between.

For episodes 6 and 7, VTs were introduced and played separately from the reporting with background music. The whole programme was now recorded "as live" (with the exception of the titles and credits) and required a larger crew to record. The plasma showed both the results and the VTs which were mixed between on Panasonic Max. This method still gave an easy way for re-takes to be edited - by cutting between takes part way through a VT.

The set of The York Sport Show

On-set Monitor

After the Christmas break, YUSU's plasma had finally been retrieved and we were left with using YSTV's on-set monitor instead. Episode 8 continued in the same way as episodes 6 and 7.


From episode 9 onwards, the sofa was used with the black cover and the on-set monitor was placed in the centre behind it on a (hidden) stool. The results and introduction to the footage were still scripted, but now there was discussion during the VTs with Nouse sports editor Adam Shergold. After discussing the VTs, Adam gave a round up of the rest of the day's matches.

There was no show in week 4 when the Battle Of The Bands 2009 heats were being covered.

Episode 12 brought Adam on to the sofa and lost the on-set monitor.

Summer Term

There were no shows put out in the summer term due to the large effort put into Roses 2009 and the normal lack of crew in the run-up to exams.

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