Your Answer's Rubbish

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Your Answer's Rubbish
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Genre: Quiz Show
First Broadcast: 2007
Producer(s): Mark Friend
Sarah Selby

Your Answer's Rubbish was produced by Mark Friend and Sarah Selby during 2007-08. The show was a quiz show based on QI, where teams had to answer questions on the topic of the week. For every point the teams scored they then received a piece of recycled rubbish to use in the Construction round. The Construction round was the final round of the show, where contestants had 3 minutes to produce a model based on that show's theme, using the rubbish they had won during the show, and a pair of scissors, a stick of glue, a roll of sellotape and a pen that were provided for them. The scissors and pen were colour co-ordinated for each team. The winning team was the one that impressed Sarah and Mark most with their model. The scores at the end of the show were irrelevant to who won. If ever Mark and Sarah couldn't agree on a winner, then the show's director was consulted and picked the winner for them.

Although they were never asked, Simon Jones and Neil Brehon became honorary team captains by appearing in every edition of Your Answer's Rubbish. Neil, a regular contestant on LipSync, captained the blue team, while new-at-the-time Simon captained the red team. Mark and Sarah co-presented every edition, except for the 4th edition of the show when Sarah was taken ill by a migraine. Mark commented afterwards that he would never present the show without Sarah again. It was for this reason that Mark did not continue to produce the show after Sarah left YSTV, saying it would never be the same without her.

Return of Your Answer's Rubbish

Despite this promise, Mark produced another series on his own starting in summer term 2009, continuing into 2009/2010. This featured a new title sequence created by himself and Simon Harris.

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