Children In Need 1999

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Children In Need 1999
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Genre: Event
Broadcast: 26 November 1999
Producer(s): Peter Bowles cat = Productions

As with the preceding years, Children in Need 1999 was to see YSTV organising a student night in Goodricke Dining Hall with coverage forming the basis of the TV show.

This year's producer was Peter Bowles and instead of just a regular disco, he intended to make the Goodricke event a night full of games - e.g limbo competitions, auctioning kisses etc. - hence the name, 'Big Fun'.

The weeks leading up to the night were a bit fraught with minimal ticket sales and problems with Ents equipment being booked up elsewhere, and there were even brief discussions about calling it off.

This was alongside controversy surrounding publicity for the event. Peter persuaded a female fresher called Holly surnameUnverified or incomplete information to be wheeled around campus in a pool of baked beans wearing a bikini accompanied by people with collection buckets. It was all filmed for a VT that would go out on the night. However, the Women's Officers objected to Peter's subsequent posters featuring a picture of Holly alongside the caption - "She's been naughty! See her punished!" Articles in Nouse and Vision followed.

However despite all that, Peter's determination that Big Fun would succeed was proved right - with Peter completely in his element compering the night's entertainment.

As a consequence of the vast planning that the Goodricke event took, the TV programme may have been a little neglected, with Alex Hudson hastily constructing a set around the Sofa before the show went on air.

The programme was however memorable for Paul Soulsby attempting a sponsored eat-a-Mega-Muffin-as-fast-as-you-can and Andrew Carter having his pony tail cut off for charity. Peter also made a brief appearence on the local BBC Children in Need opt-out showing off the 'CIN' he'd had shaved in the back of his head.

Some photos can be found on [the YSTV website]. None appear to record the show's nickname of "Big Fire" caused by Peter putting some bails of hay underneath the lighting dimmers!

One of the other controversial elements of that year's show - female mud wrestling (can you spot a theme?) - was re-screened during 2003's much less ambitious programme.

Children In Need
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