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The Live Show

Children in Need 2015 was broadcast live from YSTV studios beginning around 7:15pm on November 14, 2015 and lasting approximately 2 hours. The live show included presenter challenges, a quiz show, live music, VTs and more. Kenric Yuen and Iona McEwan had produced and directed the show. it's presented by Adam Tye and Kate Whitaker.


This year Children in Need have the theme of "Be a Hero", where the production have based it's script and presenter challenge around it. The main narrative is the presenter trying to find out who of them is the better "Hero Apprentice" for Pudsey. Also Kenric Yuen had "invited" Pudsey from Leeds to film varies VT for YSTV. However due to the closeness of BBC Children in Need and YSTV show, Pudsey is incapable to appear in Live show unless changing the show date.


During the research about the "Be a Hero" theme, Kenric Yuen realize the possibility and just take a chance of it. Although having proper reply from BBC, inviting Pudsey to the Live show proven unrealistic this year due to YSTV Children in Need always a Day later of BBC's, where they will need all Pudsey available. Instead Pudsey is invited to film varies VT to establish the theme and narrative of the show. Pudsey is appear in at least 4 VT that been broadcast, where is also a lot of extra footage that is not used.

The show starting with the VT where Teletubies song is played and Pudsey run around. Pudsey then putting up poster around campus to promote the show and recuiting Heroes as the theme of BBC suggest. The presenter meet up in Pudsey then goes argue about who could be the one apprentice of Pudsey and decide to settle it in the live show, which set up the rivalry tone for the show.

The second VT is basically is part of the Fundraising where Pudsey go around and explore campus, as well as visit most location with a bucket to collect donation for the cause, including YUSU office.

The third and other miscellaneous VT is basically Pudsey acting as different famous character from different media like Harry Potter, Frozen etc. it's a tribute to the theme Be a Hero where everyone could be a Hero and Children look up to those character as their heroes.

The Forth VT is the ending VT where it bridge from the presenter acting in the studio where they receive a letter from Pudsey (thrown in by floor manager), then leave the studio where the VT start. Basically the VT is presenter run to outside to meet Pudsey in slow motion and play around with the Chariot of Fire in the background

Presenter Challenges

Lego Challenge (VT)

The Lego Challenge is hosted by Alex Light, where there is two 10 minutes round to build something out of Lego. The theme is minibus and dream house. The result is judged by build quality, creativity and Praticailty

Ready Steady Cook(VT)

Ready Steady Cook is a normal Cook challege with unusal food. Since both the rules, the food and the location is not investigate before, it had proven to be extremely chaotic! It's judged by Iona McEwan.

Cape Making (Live)

The Cape making challenge was originally planned as a VT but due to SewingSoc, DIYSoc and Vanbrugh Tapestry not able to arrange anything, instead producer just bought clothes and string to make cape for decoration. Although it's there is also other material prepared, the presenter not 100% understanding resulting in mostly drawing on the cape only.


Hosted by DanceSoc Guest, it's introduced with a VT. This section was not rehearse or plan well before hand both logistic, studio space and crew notification wise. Basically it's dancing challenge where the DanceSoc member teach the presenter to dance a routine and see who reenact it better.

Music Acts


There were two live musical acts, Joe Christie sang 2 song while playing piano, the second act is by Simon Baron who performed guitar and singing. A separate stage area with a black curtain and the end of the lighting rig had set up for easy transition and different lighting set up.


York Revelation Rock-Gospel Choir have let's us film their rehearsal and had written a song specifically for Pudsey. They are do a few other song including Lion King. The VT last over 15 minutes so it could fill the 2 hour time and Kenric Yuen not sure which too pick (as the spontaneous Lion King with Pudsey is great). At the end it work out quite well and gave quite a bit of a break for the crews.

Mysterious Disappearance of Heroes

Spiting into 3 parts, Mysterious Disappearance of Heroes is written by Iona McEwan, based on "Be a Hero" theme. This year Sabbitcal officer is invited to be part of the drama. Following the rivalry establish in the intro, it set a situation where varies role-model (Heroes) disspear because of Goose-Man(By Iona McEwan) using the evil Henry the vacuum cleaner to hide them. When the presenter try to raise money for Children in Need as heroes they incidentally destroy Goose-Man plan to conquer the world.
Sadly due to lack of time and availability of presenter (mostly film in a week along with all other Challenge VT), it's hastily filmed and edited. Many intended effect and shot is not filmed. It's advice to move to production of CiN much more earlier to

make sure quality of the show and reduce stress of the arrangment.

Other Acts

Chris Wall Magic Show
Since inviting and

Press and Publicity

For the show we create Poster and stuck it around the campus with Pudsey. Pudsey's photo around campus is also trending for a while in YikYak.


The Fundraising for Children in Need 2015 mainly is with the just giving website ( , which have £110 of donation. The other source of donation come from Pudsey Parade, which collect £42.3. The total raised this year therefore is £152.3

Producers' Notes

The Good

This section is comprised of all the things that went really well, and that might be good for future producers to replicate.

  • Pudsey
  • Keep update the guest in terms of time and keep reminding them about the show and everyone show up!
  • Have a google table to pin down the availability of Presenter to ensure all VT finish in a week
  • Active communication between two producer and work distribution, the CiN email usage allow both producer up to date and remind each other consistently.
  • The rivalry setting allow the presenter to ab-lib to a degree without feeling awkward as they can just start argue to stale a bit time, even when the presenter is doing first time TV live it feel quite natural.
  • There is a few relatively long VT where crew can go to rest room, take a break and re-hydrate easily.
  • There is slightly more decoration this year!

The Bad

This section is composed of a list of things that didn't go so well, and that future producers of CiN might want to think about when they are planning their broadcast.

  • Production Cycle start really late due to lack of participation (which is common in 2015-2016), where presenter is pin down only 3 week before the show.
  • Due to the short turn around, the Drama is hastily plan and shot, planning much earlier is advice
  • This year there isn't a charity interview due to the lateness of production cycle and most charity in York had been visited. Again do it earlier!
  • VT filmed could use more planning with the host or the format itself, there is a lot confusion in the cooking VT which rules have to set on the fly.
  • Scout location before to plan shot. Again Cooking VT and LegoVT could use furniture rearrangement and fix camera again that allow presenter to face the correct direction and present the challenge focus properly
  • The Studio section with guest can also use some discussion and planning before hand with the studio crew and technical team before. As DanceSoc suddenly ask for music playout and dance challenge as a surprise.
  • Although mention in Good point, the VT is still too long and should be break down into interval to spread out the show more evenly and less problem is Studio section transition.


  • The decoration drop in the middle of the show, where the presenter awkardly stick them back
  • During the show Adam Tye had talk back to the Director multiple time. When notified on earpieces he reply on live "I didn't.." and the Control laugh so hard that it captured on the presenter mics. Kate Whitake also comment about that.
  • Grace Winpenny, living in York at the moment, and Sam Nicholson and Robert Walker away from York return as alumni to help.


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