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Peter Eskdale
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Packing the van for Roses 2016
Years Active 2012 – 2016
Positions Held
Best Hair (2013)
Best On-Screen Male (2014)
The Last Man Standing (2015)
The Peter Ecksdale Award for being Peter Ecksdale (sic
Current LocationLondon

Pre-YSTV Life

Why would anyone care about that?!


Peter joined YSTV at Freshers Fair 2012, after Matt Johnson insisted that they were better than URY because they had sound and video. After attending several station meetings and training sessions, Peter quickly got stuck in with crewing shows. His first major involvement was with Campus: A Tale of Terrors, which he later ended up doing most of the sound oping for.

His first experience with a camera was filming the Supermarket Sweep VT for Children in Need 2012, under the guidance of the more experienced members. Sufficed to say, running around Costcutter with a camera was probably not the easiest of tasks.

In Spring 2013, Peter tried to be involved in as much YSTV as he could. On numerous occasions, he ended up crewing multiple shows on the same day, somewhat to the detriment of his degree. Personal highlights of the term include vision mixing the inaugural Monday Evening Live episode, and YSTV's NaSTAVision entry. During setup for the Elections 2013 shows, he was first exposed to the technical side of YSTV - something he has been unable to get rid of since. Despite not knowing what any of the cables or boxes actually did, plugging things in seemed easy enough.

Peter spent most of Roses 2013 on his feet - alternating between crewing live shows, and roaming the various sports facilities to film VTs with YSTV's then only fully working camera. After helping setup Live on the Lawn 2013, he was encouraged by several members of the officership to run for Deputy Technical Director - a decision he has not regretted... mostly. He spent most of the week leading up to Woodstock 2013 helping test all the AV equipment ahead of a condensed one-day setup. Considering most of the internal vision path was wired up by him, it's surprising not much went wrong.

Returning in the Autumn for his second year, he made his directing debut with Bargain Mad (after he was 'volunteered' by Matt Johnson). With Chris Parker and Josh Hunter as presenters, his direction was mostly limited to making sure the show didn't go on all night. Thankfully, they ran out of things to sell an hour in.

Peter was a Production Assistant for Union - a fancy title for someone who came to watch filming but didn't really do much outside of covering up YUSU logos. In Episode 2, he was part responsible for creating the visual and practical effects - Mark (Chris Wall) scoring a perfect 180 in darts, and the dart board later collapsing respectively. After accidentally using the show to test the credibility checks of the site, Peter inadvertently created an IMDB page for Union. How it managed to be good enough for the database remains a mystery.

Following on-set banter about releasing the show on DVD, Peter did just that. The two disc box-set contained all six (and a bit) episodes of the show, plus special features and exclusive audio commentaries. He also made a Blu-ray version, because HD.

Throughout 2013/14, Peter dabbled in creating graphics and animations for live shows. Most notably the big three: Children in Need 2013, Elections 2014 and Woodstock 2014.

Despite not really having much to do with building Kenobi, Peter collected the award for Best Technical Achievement alongside Sam Nicholson at NaSTA 2014 (Robert Walker was too busy to go to NaSTA that year). Fortunately for those attending, Sam made the speech.

In Summer 2014, Peter was unexpectedly promoted to Technical Director., as Rob had failed his degree (as was tradition). It was during this summer break that he helped to conceive the rather silly idea of [[YSTV 3D: Live |doing a live show in 3D]]. It never happened.

Struggling to find new members, and dealing with the ongoing problems with the studio lighting rig, 2014/15 was a very stressful period for all in the officership. Peter struggled to balance his new leadership role with his own production interests and his studies. Whilst he tried his best to stay on top of things, he ultimately decided to resign at the end of the Spring term.

That's not to say that the year was not without it's technical successes. The usual big OBs became even bigger and more ambitious, a new lighting grid was finally bought and installed, and Kenobi was upgraded to glorious high-definition.

When he wasn't wrangling tech, Peter produced several filmings of ComedySoc's Have I Got News For York, created visual effects for Christmas Imbroglio III, and helped to make a record number of 60 Second Manifestos for that year's YUSU Elections.

In his final year at York, Peter spent his time perusing his own production interests, whilst also advising the new Tech Team. As the most experienced techie, he was still very much involved in planning and executing the big events of the year (Elections, Roses, etc). However, he was very much relieved to not have to deal with the day-to-day nonsense that being a team leader entailed.

Peter took over production of ComedySoc filming full-time, culminating at the end of the year with the ambitious (and mostly successful) plan of filming the entirely of their "24 Hours of Comedy" show. Most of it got edited... eventually. He also produced that year's 60 Second Manifestos, a weekend that ran so uneventfully that there was even time for a visit to Courtyard on the Sunday.

He was one of just six members to attend NaSTA that year, despite it being hosted in nearby Leeds.

Peter was nominated for "Greg Dyke Award for Student Media" at the Love York Awards. This meant that he was the most overly dressed crew member that night, and ended up ruining his suit crawling under the stage to fix sound problems. Oh, and he didn't even win!

Post-YSTV Life

After graduating from York, Peter moved straight to London to start working as a Broadcast Engineer. He currently works at a production facility in Shepherd's Bush, primarily on live football for international broadcasters.

He reappeared in York just a few months after leaving to help out with Freshers 2016, and unexpectedly participating in Drive Crash 3. He has since returned to help out at Unibrass 2017 and 2018, as well as to celebrate YSTV 50.

Peter can occasionally be found on Slack, and unearthing old YSTV videos for the archives.


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