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The FLOPPYs are a joke awards event started in 2006 in response to the dreadfulness of the YUMAs that year. They were created by Matthew Tole and Sarah Leese, the new and outgoing Station Directors at the time. They were named the FLOPPYs because that was the best object they could come up for prizes - floppy disks. After some discussion, it became an acronym: For the Love Of the People and Programmes of YSTV.

The awards continued after 2006 with many regular categories, including Nicest Member. New awards were also introduced including The Bew Award (for Doing a Bew), named after Emma Bew and the Alex Muller Award for Presentness. In recent years, the floppy disks have been augmented with (uncategorised) Deeply Valued Departed discs for the graduating members. Traditionally the awards are organised by the new and outgoing Station Directors and the Social Secretary, and held upstairs at Evil Eye.

Awards by Year

The point of the FLOPPYs is to give every active member at least one award.


In 2006, the FLOPPYs were held on the steps of York Minster, after the YSTV End of Term Meal. They were presented by Matthew Tole and Sarah Leese who had spent an afternoon coming up with the awards, nominations and winners!

Show Awards
  • Least Original Programme: LipSync
  • Most Over Used Set: YSTV Week Set
  • Best New Show: YSTV Sport
People Awards
  • Human Encyclopedia Award: Richard Ash
  • Most Travelled Member: Rob Humphrey
  • Best Foreign Member: Iain Cooke
  • Meglomaniac Award: Rowan de Pomerai
  • Society Dinosaur: Selbysaurus
  • Most Fertile: Rick Selby
  • Kev Loves That Stuff Award (for the person who has loved the most stuff this year): Kevin Larkin
  • Fruit Award: Ian Martindale
  • Best Oldgoer: Dave Baker
  • Back In My Day award: Rob Humphrey
  • Humanitarian Award (for the person who had to put up with Ian the most): David Furey
  • One Word award: Sarah Cheyne ("Sorry")
  • Best Bullshitter Award: James Blackshaw
  • Most Compulsive Member: Ian Martindale
  • Most Opinionated Member: Rowan de Pomerai
  • Windiest Member: Rick Selby
  • Nicest Member: Sarah Cheyne
  • Wildlife Award: Matthew Tole
  • Most pregnant cockney ex-station director: Sarah Leese
  • Lifetime achievement award: Rob Humphrey
  • YSTV Personality of the year: Kev Larkin



Compiled from photos by Viv Chung.


Compiled from photos by Viv Chung.




  • YSTV Mum: Sarah Mesterton-Gibbons
  • YSTV Mum 2: Rachel Burns
  • Our Favourite Biscuit: Matt Johnson
  • Virtual Reality: Robert Walker
  • Go the F**k to Sleep: Kenric Yuen
  • The Last Man Standing: Peter Eskdale
  • Nicest Member: Grace Winpenny
  • Stolen Member: Sam Willcocks
  • Creepy Uncle: Alick Perigo
  • Best Hair: Sophie Monks


The 2016 awards - in a departure from tradition - were held in the Wetherspoons Postern Gate.

  • Best Hair: Sam Willcocks
  • The Peter Ecksdale Award for being Peter Ecksdale (sic): Peter Eskdale


The 2017 awards saw a return to the traditional upstairs of Evil Eye


Also upstairs in Evil Eye. It was prepared by Katherine Bell and Edwin Barnes. These FLOPPYs were spray painted Silver.


Once again back in Evil Eye. This year, the FLOPPYs were decided by a massive team: Outgoing Station Director Edwin Barnes, incoming Station Directors Stephanie Shires and Thomas Schubert, Social Secretary Zoe Dickinson, and Olivia Gibbs and Caroline Preynat-Viero, who just happened to sit next to them. These FLOPPYs were spray painted Gold (along with various other random objects lying around the Studio).

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