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The York University Media Awards, or YUMAs, is the campus media's annual booze filled backslap-athon, first held in 2001. Nouse, URY, Vision, Cinematography Society and YSTV traditionally took it turns to arrange an awards evening, in which each society gave out their own awards rather than compete against other societies. In YSTV's case, this involved voting on old favourites, such as Best Show, Best Female and the like. Unlike other societies, YSTV members all have a vote on their categories (and indeed the categories chosen), rather than winners being chosen by a select group. In this respect the ceremony is a light-hearted way to end the year often including joke categories, unlike NaSTA.

In recent yearsUnverified or incomplete information the YUMAs seem to have turned into more traditional awards, with categories being pre-selected and nominations submitted by societies, with the judging by a group of YUSU staff and students.


The first YUMAs, held at Merchant Adventurer's HallUnverified or incomplete information.


Held at Merchant Adventurer's Hall. Photos can be seen on URY's [website].


Held at The Hilton near Clifford's Tower. After initial discussion in meetings YSTV pulled out after it was realised most of the active members would be immersed in final year exams and practical work the day after the ceremony, and the few who could attend would most probably be ridiculed for the minimal turnout and having to pick up most awards on behalf of others. Jonathan Bufton did however attend after being nominated for his URY show.


Held at Next Generation Gym, with guest speaker former student and Daily Mail journalist Peter Hitchens. Photos are on YSTV's [website].


Held again at Next Generation Gym. Has a page over at [URY] but as you'd expect is mainly centred around their people.


A "picnic" held at the Quiet Place (and then a Derwent lecture theatre when the rain began) due to late organisation. Has a page of photos including one of the YSTV group over at [URY]. As a result of the awfulness of that year's event YSTV held their own spoof awards ceremony, the FLOPPYs.


Held somewhere in town. Best Show Best Newcomer Best Presenter Best Behind The Scenes Work Best Technical Innovation


Held in the Ron Cooke Hub, because of the papers' punch-up in YUSU's Courtyard bar after 2010's YUMAs.

This greatly upset URY's technical team, as they had just spent a whole holiday creating a new digital studio with touch screens and other shiny things. What made this worse was knowing that we had only put around 3 hours of work into making the 3D test footage.

YSTV famously campaigned against the "Society Slut" category with great moral upstanding, as this was not what we believed the YUMAs should be brought to.


Held at the Biltmore Bar and Grill. Particularly impressive winning 'Best Illustration' with a regurgitated ident.


A small delegation from YSTV (Kenric Yuen, Jemma Carr and Caroline Middleton) did go, in spite of our small membership that year.


Organised by URY last minute and held at Yates in town. YSTV mainly attended for the promise of free food but the the highlights of the evening were The Lemon Press' heckles, £1 pints and Edwin Barnes' (repeated) dabbing. We also won some awards!