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Genre: Scripted
First Broadcast: 3 February 2023
Producer(s): Emily Hine, Alexianne Charlery-Warner

Season 1

Episode 1 - What Happened Last Night

Episode 2 - Freshers' Flu

Episode 3 - The Brownies

Episode 4 - The All-Nighter

Episode 5 - Saxon Siege

Season 2

Episode 1 - Moving In, Not Moving On

Episode 2 - Attraction, Not Armageddon

Episode 3 - Reveal, Not Conceal

Episode 4 - Dog Days, Not Dog Dates

Episode 5 - Substitutions, Not Traditions

Episode 6 - Dance, Not DofE


Show Swap

This one-off special, broadcast on URY, included an audio-only episode featuring Ashley, Freya and Tom during a power cut. This was followed by a general discussion of the show between Alex Charlery-Warner, Elly Nisar and Ben Skeldon.