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The first computer based editing system YSTV had was The Mac. This was supplemented by various members computers, and later a PC with capture card as part of the Einstein TV deal. The machine now used as Graphics PC was first built as an edit machine, but was barely powerful enough to do real time playback, and so was rapidly displaced by The Edit PC.

By The Edit PC I mean the Dell Dimension desktop machine that was bought (mostly with YUSU grant) in Autumn 2003, and immediately put into service. Despite some misgivings about a commodity windows machine running XP Home edition and Adobe Premiere 6.5, it has proved a workhorse editing machine, having produced four Best Broadcaster edits to date (2004-2007). In that time the only upgrades have been a DVD burner, larger hard drives (during which Windows XP Pro was installed) and (recently) a memory upgrade. It remained the primary live playout machine up to October 2010, when Michael Cullen came up with XineNet Desktop, enabling remote control of the video server for live VT playout. This meant any machine could be used to run the software, although it stayed on the renamed VTPC for several months, up until Graphics PC was forced into retirement and this machine moved to fill its place.