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James was best known for his work at URY News during his time in York. However in his final year and a half he became involved with YSTV, firstly doing a UGM report for Bulletin and then presenting Have I Got News For YUSU in February 2003 after being recommended as a good host for the show. YSTV Week, This Is YOUR: Manifesto, Elections 2004 and appearances on LipSync followed. He was also the regular host of Bona Dicta in the gap between Michael Brothwell and Matthew Platts.

When he presented YSTV Week during his last week in York in June 2004 he was surprised with a compilation of his highlights at YSTV and the opportunity to sing along to the theme tune and prove his theory that it was essentially the same as Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up". He was also awarded the Campus Media Personality of the Year award at the YUMAs in June 2004, thanks to his work at YSTV, URY and Nouse.

He returned to YSTV to co-host Elections 2005, creating one of YSTV's most celebrated moments in the process when he asked a YUSU presidential candidate if he thought his campaign had failed because he was such an "arrogant twat".

After three years at BBC Northern Ireland he joined the BBC Radio newsroom in London in April 2009.

He is notable for his extraordinary eyebrows, and is an enormous fan of Jeremy Vine and his presenting style.