This Is YOUR: Manifesto

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This Is YOUR:Manifesto
Genre: Factual
First Broadcast: March 2004
Last Broadcast: March 2006
Producer(s): James Gallagher
Jen Ayerst
Ethan Connor

This Is YOUR: Manifesto was a filler made for Elections 2004 and continued for Elections 2005 and Elections 2006.

The idea was devised by James Gallagher, as a pun on "This Is Your Life" and the "YOUR:" branding that had been used across campus since 2001. He took a big red book around campus and got students to write what they would like prospective candidates to have as policies. Usually something like a 24-hour library or better sports facilities got a lot of entries. The book was presented to Chris Osbourne, the returning officer. It was played out as a programme in it's own right for the following year, and is available to watch on the YSTV website. A number of cock-ups (and general japes) from the filming of this made it into YSTV's Bloomers.

Jen Ayerst presented the slot in 2005, and Ethan Connor in 2006.

In 2005 and 2006 the "This Is Your Life" similarities were played down, with the theme tune not used and, in 2006, the title simply being "YOUR: Manifesto". The big red book survived however.

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