Kenric Yuen

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Kenric Yuen
Years Active 2013 – 2019

  • Production director 2014-2015

Kenric join YSTV in autumn 2013. Although he had been in York a few year, due to health and shyness he was not very active in campus. However seeing the Control room window as well as the Robert Walker walking down the Windmill Lane multiple time, eventually he decide to at least take a look of YSTV.

One day he just knocked on the door and greeted by Sam NicholsonUnverified or incomplete information and then to Helen Hobin, which was the Production Director at that time. After some encouragement from Helen, he visit the studio during Children in Need as audience and interested in making TV as well as continue to meet people in YSTV. The first proper shooting he sign up for is Union in Ron Cooke Hub Lake room, where he help sound ops with booms as well as general crewing.

Kenric usually will be in YSTV when there is editing and production to be done, however he enjoy the bantering of the technical team - Peter Eskdale, Tom Cheyney, Sam Nicholson as well as Robert Walker about the technical and computing details, and try to learn more about computing and tech between. Like to do Production, Editing as well Camera op.

For the FLOPPYs 2014 Kenric was awarded the Best Hair award.

Kenric is likely to be the YSTV member who has stayed with YSTV for the longest time, which is why he was considered the go-to expert for any YSTV questions. After many years, Kenric graduated from York in 2019, having finished his Masters.

Appearance on show:

  • Vision Mixer - as YSTV's editor and sound ops
  • 4am show (2014) - Presenter
  • Union 4/5/6 general crew, Minion under a bed sheet and a cameo (cite. need for exact ep)
  • Freshers TV 2014 Live Link as Floor Manager
  • The Christmas Imbroglio III: The Search for Santa - As sulu ( Camera ops)

Show/video produced:

Other Show Edited/directed:

  • York Strictly come Dancing 2014 (Editor & Title sequence)
  • York Shire Plusnet Marathon 2014 (Editor& Camera ops)
  • Woodstock 2014 (indoor stage directing, camera ops, Rigging)
  • Physics Colloquium Riggers, Camera ops, directing? (confirm with sam)

Other Show crewed

  • Live and Loud 2014 (camera ops)
  • Battle of the Bands 2014 Live - Final (Roaming Camera Op)
  • Pushing the senses Ep4 -General crew
  • Live on the Lawn 2014 Camera ops
  • Union 4/5/6 general crew and cameo
  • YUSU Election Debate 2014 (Rigger & Sound Ops)
  • YUSU Election Result 2014 (Rigger & Sound Ops)
  • YUSU Crime prevention video General crew
  • Monday Evening Live (Directing, Camera ops and varies position across different Episode)
  • Have I got news for York (Camera ops)
  • Fresh As Ep 4 VT-ops