Jamie Parker-East

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Jamie Parker-East
Jamie Picture.jpg
Years Active 2021 – Present
Positions Held
Current LocationJames College
DegreesBSc Physics
AllegianceComputing, Tech & Production Team


Jamie Parker-East has been a regular fixture of the YSTV studio since 2021, tending to stay there from the afternoon until early morning on his 'free days'. As a fresher Jamie remained a less active member of YSTV, only crewing the odd production, until term two of his first year where he became one of the most active members, joining both the Tech and Computing teams whilst also editing for the production team.

During Jamie's second term he worked alongside Cameron Fox in several productions and the two edited several productions together in collaboration. In the lead up to Roses 2022, in his third term, Jamie started to get involved with the more admin side of YSTV and ran three editing training sessions. With his experience and involvement with the post production side of YSTV and his history of working with Cameron Fox, Jamie decided to run for Head of Presentation alongside Cameron Fox in the 2022 elections. The two ran unopposed and became the co Heads of Presentation.

With a great ammount of training and support from Rhys Milling, in April 2022 Jamie joined the computing team with his python experience and limited knowledge of linux operating systems, from messing around with a Raspberry Pi. Jamie started off by taking on the project of making Karen more automated and during the preperation of Roses 2022 he created a user area for editors to use. In the early morning of the 6th May 2022 (just after Roses), while editing the general editor user area, Jamie accidently leant on the keyboard while connected to web server and managed to reboot web into an error loop, causing the website and computer domain to go down for a couple hours before it was fixed by Liam Burnand by instructing Jamie to press 'Ctrl + C'.

A key point in Jamie's computing career, although not actually involving YSTV, was when he managed to delete an important shared directory for a physics research group on York's Viking Cluster. This event cemented his position as a true member of the computing team, even rivaling many of Liam Burnand's own fuck ups.


  • Camera Operating
  • Sound Operating
  • Graphics Operating
  • Vision Mixing
  • Directing
  • Tech-ing
  • Livestream Tech-ing/Distributing
  • Producing
  • Editing
  • Live Highlights Editing

Coding Skills/Computing Proficiency

  • Python
  • HTML
  • Linux Terminal
  • Windows Desktop
  • Limited use of JavaScipt


  • Once stayed up for 39 hours straight because 'he couldn't be bothered to go to sleep'
  • Regularly stays up till 5am as he forgets to sleep
  • Once killed web by leaning on a keyboard
  • Held 2 committe positions in 2 completely seperate societies by the third term of his freshers year
  • Enjoys more stressful productions
  • Has a combined ~400 unread emails across 7 emails
  • Once 'nuked' his own ystv inbox by nano-ing an email and corrupting it


These is a the list of productions/livestreams Jamie has taken part in.

Year 1 (2021-2022)

# Show Date Position(s) Description
Autumn Term
1 Riddle Me This 10/10/2021 Floor Manager, Presenter, Vision Mixer Trying different roles at a give it a go session.
2 Middle Ground Conversation 10/11/2021 Camera Operator Filmed the YUSU Conference: Middle Ground Conversation as a commercial contract.
3 How Not To Do It Episode 3 29/11/2021 Floor Manager Passed on infomation from the gallery to the presenters.
4 How Not To Do It Episode 4 29/11/2021 Floor Manager Passed on infomation from the gallery to the presenters.
Spring Term
5 Have I Got News for York 2/2/2022 Camera Operator Filmed Comedy Soc's show: Have I Got News for York.
6 If you can fix it... 5/2/2022 Actor & Editor Filmed Jamie doing random stupid things in the studio to turn into a YSTV ad mocking the Royal Navy advert. Jamie also took ages editing it as he used Hitlfilm instead of Premier Pro.
7 Comedy Soc Does 8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown 23/2/2022 Camera Operator, Producer, Editor Produced and filmed the show but didn't realise that the zoom recorder needs microphones plugged into it, Will Stirk saved the day just in time with some sound equipment. Learnt and used multicam editing in Preimer Pro to edit the production.
8 IUPDC Pole Competion 26/2/2022 Editor Relieved the editing from Joe Radford in the Easter holiday as he had a dissertation due; it requied a lot of colour correction as one camera was over exposed and the other was under exposed. It was sent to them very overdue.
9 YUSU Election Results Night 26/2/2022 Live Highlights Editor Edited the footage, live as it was coming in every minute, into a highlights reel for the end of the stream. Also recorded BRoll during setup.
10 York Hornets Showcase 27/2/2022 Camera Operator Filmed the York Hornets Cheerleeding showcase for a commercial contract.
11 Back to Base 1/3/2022 Player (with phone & GoPro) Played back to base as a post Courtyard production with his personal GoPro strapped to his chest and his phone filming his face.
12 College Varsity 6/3/2022 Graphics Operator Changed the scores in a photshop file and exported to be displayed on the stream.
13 Comedy Soc: Women & Queer Culture Show 9/3/2022 Camera Operator Filmed Comedy Soc's show: Women & Queer Culture Show.
14 MMA Face Off VT 12/3/2022 Editor Edited the fighters doing cool head-to-head shots to be played in the livestream the following week, while suffering from covid 19.
Summer Term
15 Roses 2022 Trailer 20/4/2022 Actor Acted as a gamer for the esports section of the Roses trailer.
16 Meanwhile with URY 23/4/2022 Camera Operator Filmed Max Roach and Tom Morrison pretending to commentate random sports at Roses on the radio.
17 Roses 2022 29/4/2022 - 1/5/2022 Producer, Director, Livestream Technician, Tech Assistance, Presenter, Graphics Operator Spent the weekend (29/4/2022 - 1/5/2022) at Lancaster, sleeping on a common room floor and doing anything but what he was timetabled to do.
18 Roses 2022 Vlog 29/4/2022 - 1/5/2022 Presenter, Camera Operator Vloged and filmed random things (including himself) during Roses.
19 Protest/Free Speach YSTV Report 4/5/2022 Sound Operator, Camera Operator Filmed BRoll and managed sound levels during interviews.
20 Comedy Soc: Shambles 11/5/2022 Producer, Sound Operator, Camera Operator, Tech Lead Set up, produced, manged sound levels and filmed the Comedy Soc improv group: The Shambles.
21 Untitled Eurovision Show 14/5/2022 Sound Operator Manged sound levels in the studio for the pre-Eurovision show.
22 Have I Got News For York 1/6/2022 Producer, Sound Operator, Camera Operator, Tech Lead, Editor Set up, produced, manged sound levels, filmed and edited the Comedy Soc show.
23 A Midsummer Night's Dream 3/6/2022 Camera Operator, Tech Filmed a local church's Shakespeare preformance for a commercial contract.
24 Budgie Smugglers 4/6/2022 Camera Assistant Helped Tom Morrison film Budgie Smugglers.
25 Duck Man 6/6/2022 Provided Location Allowed a scene of Duck Man to be filmed in his student accommodation.
26 YSTV Reports: Science Fair 9/6/2022 Camera Operator Filmed a YSTV Report on the Science Fair.
27 Love York Awards 2022 10/6/2022 Camera Operator, Editor Filmed and edited (alongside Max Roach & Cameron Fox) the 2022 Love York Awards.
28 Hunted Episode 3 10/6/2022 Hunter, Camera Operator Played the role of Hunter in Hunted Episode 3 while filming.
29 College Cup Netball Finals 2022 11/6/2022 Livestream Technician, Technical Assistant Distribuited the livestream for 2022 Netball College Cup Finals and helped with tech. Couldn't get atmos to work and found out after that the top row of inputs in the X32 Producer desk have broken phantom power.
30 College Cup Football Finals 2022 12/6/2022 Technical Assistant, Sound Operator Set up and kept the livestream going from a tech standpoint while mixing the stream audio. Learnt a lot about the haunted X32 Producer.
31 YSTV Gets A Sofa 13/6/2022 Sofa Crew, Camera Operator Moved a sofa from the TFTI Department on East Campus to the YSTV Studio on West with Dan Wade.
32 Race Across Campus 13/6/2022 Participant, Camera Operator Rode a Tier e-scooter from East to West with his GoPro strapped to his chest.
33 Unsolicited Advice: Summer Ball 14/6/2022 Camera Operator Followed Kira around at Summer Ball 2022 while she asked random people for advice nobody asked for.
34 Summer Ball Ride Reviews 14/6/2022 Camera Operator Filmed Alize and Joe reviewing the fair ground rides at Summer Ball 2022.
35 Summer Ball: Producer vs Producer 14/6/2022 Camera Operator Filmed Lili and Kira go head to head in the bungy run at Summer Ball 2022.
36 Summer Ball Interviews 14/6/2022 Camera Operator Filmed the inteviews of bands, SABS and the Vice Chancellor at Summer Ball 2022.
37 Unoffical Guide to Summer Ball 2022 14/6/2022 Camera Operator Followed Alize and Joe as they gave an unoffical guide of things to do and what's going on at Summer Ball 2022.
38 YSTV Tries Circus and Magic 16/6/2022 Producer, Camera Operator Filmed Alex Towels having a go at one of Magic and Circus Society's sessions, including him riding a unicycle.
39 Mario Kart Tournament 16/6/2022 Contestant, Camera Operator, Commentator Won the YSTV Mario Kart Tournament social/production.

Computing Projects

  • Karen's Digestive System - Making Karen automates
  • Fixed Karen boot looping
  • Making a generic user area for new editors

Computing Blunders

  • Shuting down web by leaning on a keyboard
  • Breaking his ystv inbox by nanoing a file on web
  • Stopping an important data transfer by pressing Ctrl + x
  • Deleting a physics research folder on the Viking Cluster