Riddle Me This

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Riddle me this.
Genre: Live, Game show, GIAG
First Broadcast: 16/10/19
Last Broadcast: 2021
Producer(s): Thomas Schubert, Zoë Dickinson, Andrew Waddle

Riddle me this, is a gameshow created by Thomas Schubert, Zoë Dickinson and Andrew Waddle with further help from Hayley Louise Clark and Caroline Preynat-Viero. The show was conceived to act as a base for the spring 2018 Give it a Go session (run to bring in new members and for them to learn the basis of YSTV show operation), and brought back for a second episode in October 2019 for the freshers Give it a Go session.

Future YST\V producers Joe Radford and Mol Dainty appeared on the 2019 episode, alongside future leading actor of Live drama Bradley Hodgson, with Joe winning the episode.

As a show designed for and run by freshers, the show has not been without it's failures with the first episode failing to go live on time by more than 90 minutes due to a variety of streaming Fuckary. It is expected that with further planning and changes coming to the studio in summer 2020, that this show and all streamed content from the studio will become both more reliable and have a better workflow.

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