Liam Burnand

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Liam Burnand
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Years Active 2021 – Present
Positions Held
HometownThatcham, West Berkshire
DegreesMEng Computer Science


Liam is an active member of YSTV, primarily the YSTV computing team, since 2021 (Two-thousand and twenty-one). In the first (1st) few days of joining, he fixed the transmission light (broken), a curious machine out of service since when who knows when. Will Stirk then referenced toward him (Liam) as the "Arduino™ guy" for his use of an Arduino™ in the transmission light. In fact he loved the transmission light so much he made a habit of turning it on and off in rapid succession, just to show the raw power of Arduino™ technology.

Liam (in November 2021 (only a month after joining (18 years after the founding of Tesla Motors (Elon (Musk))))) was elected as the Deputy Computing Director after only joining the month before.

Not long after getting godmode on the YSTV servers, Liam started breaking anything that wasn't bullet proof: web servers (deleting Nginx doesn't appear to fix the problem), moss servers (docker?) and power supply servers, to name a few servers.


  • Java/Javascript
  • Python
  • C+
  • CSS
  • CMD
  • Go
  • Couchbase Server (placement)
  • Windows
  • Ubuntu
  • MacOS


My time at YSTV has been up and down a lot in terms of committee roles only but I have enjoyed every moment

Committee Positions over YSTV
# Committee Position Start date End date
1 Deputy Computing Director 09/11/2021 10/05/2022
2 Computing Director 10/05/2022 09/05/2023
3 Deputy Computing Director 23/01/2024 09/05/2024
4 Computing Director 09/05/2024 Incumbent

Considering the start of my university life began on 27/09/2021, I have only spent 43 days (6 weeks, 1 day) before I gained my first committee position and 259 days (37 weeks) between stepping down from Computing Director and picking Deputy Computing Director up for the second time, I have only spent 302 days (43 weeks, 1 day) not on a committee within YSTV as of writing this section (10/05/2024).


These are the list of productions/livestreams Liam has taken part in.

Year 1 (2021-2022)

# Show Position Description
Autumn Term
1 Women's Football: York vs Sheffield (21/10/2021) Livestream Distribution (Shadowing) Running around getting the router working.
2 Men's Football: York vs Huddersfield (21/10/2021) Livestream Distribution (Shadowing) Not doing much as everything was done earlier that day for the women's football.
3 American Football: York Centurions vs Northumbria Mustangs (21/11/2021) Livestream Distribution Livestream was working, basically none of the cameras were working, massive disaster.
4 Boxing Fight Night 2021 (27/11/2021) Livestream Distribution Minus the fact that the stream kept cutting after VT switching, it was successful.
5 YSTV Christmas Variety Show 2021 (3/12/2021) Livestream Technician I did basically nothing so it was just a nice chilled event, bit rate was low but the ATEM had been "Millinged".
Spring Term
6 Yindoors 2022 (15/01/2022) Livestream Distribution This was a rather exciting stream as we had frisbees thrown at us and almost hit us, I had to go on the cameras because it was a long day, I had a lot of fun. Stream only went down once so it was overall successful.
7 UYDS 22 Comp (29/01/2022) Livestream Distribution The stream was a complete failure, the linking of the ATEM Mini's caused there to be a delay with the camera feeds, the transcoders kept crashing and strm7 was a big problem because it's so underpowered.
8 TV on the Radio - Apocalypse Edition (06/02/2022) Camera OP It was a pretty simple shoot as I was simply moving the camera and making sure we had a good shot, it was fun to listen to how a radio shoot is done.
9 Volleyball (09/02/2022) Livestream Distribution/Livestream Technician The stream itself went well and was fun, we just had to protect ourselves and the kit from getting hit with flying balls.
10 Boxing Fight Night 2022 (05/03/2022) Livestream Technician This was a fun night to watch after getting everything sorted for the show, I learned from mistakes from the previous term and everything went smoothly.
11 College Varsity Rugby 2022 (06/03/2022) Livestream Distribution This show was more of a last minute that we were ready for, just about got live but had camera issues including people getting in the way of the cameras.
12 College Varsity Darts 2022 (06/03/2022) Livestream Distribution After getting set up, the darts people were just not that bothered about streams so it was more just fun for us in the end.
13 TV on the Radio (13/03/2022) Guest This was me, Joe Radford and Cooper Roy just having fun, talking on the radio about random things and having a good laugh.
14 NaSTA Awards Ceremony 2022 (02/04/2022) Livestream Distribution/Livestream Technician The amount of problems we had with getting everything set up was immense, the stream server didn't want to work and audio and patches were a joke, in the end we started roughly 45 minutes later and we all had a good evening except for Ben Allen who was stressed to no end and worrying about everything. All in all, it was a good stream and we had fun. I unfortunately didn't get to test out my streaming software as we bypassed the server in the end.
15 The Morning After Show 2022 (03/04/2022) Livestream Distribution This was the first time I was able to use my new software I had created, "Streamer", and it simplified Livestream Distribution to the point that anyone could then use it. I wasn't able to stay until the end as I had packing and a train to catch later that day but in the end, it all worked.
Summer Term