Will Stirk

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Will Stirk
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Years Active 2019 – 2022
Positions Held
Current LocationHis favourite cubicle
Degrees2/3 of a Degree


Will Stirk (aka, Stirky) is an electronic engineering student that joined YSTV at the start of the 2019/20 academic year. With relatively no experience in any aspect of television, and after missing the Give it a Go session due to alarm clock related issues, he decided to throw himself into the deep end with nothing but a C100 and a tripod. This led to an interest in the role of camera operating, with him spending the next term and a half filling in various cam oping roles on several productions.

It was mid-way through his second term that he began considering running for a position during AGM. It was around this time that the current Head of Archives, Joseph Wharfe, stepped down from his position, triggering a by-election. Will ran for the position, winning against several other talented members. He soon realised that this was probably a mistake, as the role wasn't as simple as he was hoping it to be. He continued his role as Head of Archives until the end of the 2020-21 academic year.

It was then during Roses 2021 that he all of a sudden found himself as a technical lead with the bare minimum of OB training. After this near death experience, he stepped down as Head of Archives and somehow ended up running for Technical Director during elections. He had now completed his YSTV dream of becoming one of the techies, a decision he almost immediately regretted, as at the time, and I quote "everything is fucked".

It was decided that a short break from YSTV was needed over the summer of 2021 to get his priorities in order. However, he spontaneously returned during week 3, barged into the studio, ripped out all the rigging that Computing had done and re-did it all properly along with Andy. It was during this chaotic evening that tech underwent a rebranding into the Techy Tubbies.