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The Triple Threat is the collective that binds together Connor Sanders (not in computing team), Dom Hall (very actively not in computing team) and Rhys Milling (computing team). They may get a vast amount of sysadmin done but make no mistake they hate each other with a heavy passion, spanning from a fundamental disagreement of how computers are supposed to run and the fact that Rhys is Welsh.


This group has its origins began back when Dom was Rhys' bitch loving assistant, carefully translating Rhys' wild incoherence into full proper sentences, and Connor was just some guy saying "how hard can emails be" to URY's computing team. After some personal development time the 3 found themselves in drawn together at each YSTV computing meeting; from there a certain dynamic appeared. First, Rhys would think of an idea, fail to express it in any sensible manner and use words like "ProRes", "Domain Joined" and "Open Source" to make it sound cool. Then, some say by instinct, Dom would immediately shut that idea down, on the basis that it makes no sense at all. In response, Connor would say "no Dom, it sounds good. I like it", but who can say why. Naturally, this caused the gentleman to reach a basis of argument, all fighting purely to oppose each other for principle sake.

On occasion, Connor might have chosen to agree with Dom, naturally for the sake of scientific understanding, leading to a series of angry phone calls from Mr Milling. "Why are you writing spreadsheets for Dom? You're ruining my whole web ecosystem with your well designed, intuitive Excel design!" and so on and so on.

Examples of questionable ideas

  • Rhys: "We should record all the cameras of all the streams for Roses 2021"
  • Rhys: "I need a new subdomain for a file sharing site but 'files', 'filestore' and 'cloud' are all taken! I better use 'data'"
  • Dom: "We should use a forum to replace Slack, Trello (god forbid) and all other communication systems"
  • Connor: "We should make a forum solely using bash"
  • Connor: Abandon an entire edit PC rather than move a monitor
  • Rhys: We should store our 2FA backup codes on the web server

Examples of questionable behaviour

Dom Hall

  • Dom enters a room
    "Have you fixed it yet?"
    Refuses to elaborate further

Connor Sanders

  • Everything involving his bash scripts (except for their continued, proven utility)

Rhys Milling

  • Call time 2 hours before we're live
    Shows up 5 minutes before we're live
    "Right let's completely change what we're doing"