Alcuin Morph suit man

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Alcuin Morph suit man
Years Active 2019 – End of Time
Positions Held
HometownThe 4th Dimension
Current LocationAlcuin


How do I explain the Alcuin Morph Suit Man? No one really knows who he is or where he came from. Some say he is a being from another dimension, and others rumour that he is a creation from within the campus lake. It's more likely in fact that he's actually some bored resident of Alcuin College who bought a morph suit for Halloween, and then realised that he could use to run round the college anonymously jumping out at people, knocking on windows, and just being generally weird. He regularly comes up in YSTV discussions due to his rumoured friendship with Stirky, his attendance at the Halloween social and his famous (yet brief) attendance at the Baby Shark social.