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York Yesterday
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Genre: Entertainment
First Broadcast: 21 October 2022
Producer(s): Max Roach, Erica Leng, Maddie Kane

York Yesterday is YSTV's flagship weekly magazine show, created by Max Roach and first broadcast in October 2022. Typical segments include local news, BUCS and professional sports news, interviews with societies or sabbatical officers, Wildlife Watch, Hes' Confessions and Hannah in Bolivia.

Season 1

The first season ran from October 2022 to June 2023 and consists of 25 episodes. It was successively produced by Max Roach, Erica Leng and Maddie Kane, and presented by Will King and a range of guest presenters. Many episodes also feature a duck character called Hes Lington, along with reports from Hannah Bragman in Bolivia. The season also included Halloween and Christmas episodes, an hour-long 55th Anniversary special which started the 48 hour livestream, and an episode broadcast from Central Hall.

Episode 1 – Who the duck is that?

Presented by Will King, with guest Hannah Nimmo. Reports cover the Vanbrugh Plant Sale, Viking Raid 2023, and Hallowscream at York Maze.

Episode 2 – The Hallowstream

Presented by Tom Foreman and Hannah Whiting, with guests Oli Grey and Amy McDermott. VTs cover the Yorkshire Balloon Fiesta, a Ghost Tour of York, Yorktoberfest and the York Ghost Hunt.

Episode 3 – Sabbatical Officer at Salvos?

Presented by Will King and Meg Maguire, with guest Rohan Ashar. VTs cover the Aesthetica Film Festival, the launch of 40p breakfasts at Courtyard and Rohan On The Street.

Episode 4 – Ready for the Battle Of The Birds

Presented by Will King, with guests from James and Derwent's football and netball teams. VTs cover King Charles' visit to York, the Rugby World Cup and Will Stirk's trip to Egypt.

Episode 5 – The 55th Anniversary Special

Presented by Meg Maguire and Rohan Ashar, with guests Ellen Rintoul and Anushka Swannell. VTs cover the York Marathon, YUSU's Sustainable Fashion Show and Hand Sanitiser Reviews. This hour-long episode opened the 55th Anniversary 48 hour livestream.

Episode 6 – Fight Night Preview

Presented by Emily Hine and Charlotte Pye, with guests from Boxing and Movember. VTs cover the Creativity Lab, Amnesty Ball and highlights from the 48 hour livestream.

Episode 7 – The Stream Before Christmas

Presented by Will King, featuring interviews and performances from ComedySoc, Sing Song Soc, SwingSoc and Alex Harvey. VTs cover the York Christmas market and a parody of A Christmas Carol featuring Hes.

Episode 8 – Hannah's not in Bolivia

Episode 9 – Xin nian kuai le!

Episode 10 – We made a sitcom

Episode 11 – Comedy central

Episode 12 – #HesForPres

Episode 13 – The episode that goes wrong

Episode 14 – The Central Hall special

Episode 15 – The thrill of the fight

Episode 16 – It's Fight Night!

Episode 17 – That's all, folks

Episode 18 – Farewell Long Boi

Episode 19 – United by music

Episode 20 – Down to earth

Episode 21 – Summer throwback

Episode 22 – Sound and light

Episode 23 – Award season

Episode 24 – Summer celebrations

Episode 25 – End of an era

Season 2

The ongoing second season began in September 2023 and is scheduled to consist of 30 episodes in total. Maddie Kane continues as showrunner, with Hannah Bragman taking over as presenter. Will Osbon also returns as Hes Lington.

Episode 1 – Feeling Fresh

Episode 2 – Changing Seasons

Episode 3 – Unlucky...

Episode 4 – Our 1st Birthday!

Episode 5 – This Is Halloween

Episode 6 – Take a Break

Episode 7 – Creativity on Campus

Episode 8 – Children In Need

Episode 9 – Battles & Books

Episode 10 – We're Going Green!

Episode 11 – 'Tis The Season

Episode 12 – IT'S CHRISTMAAAAAAAAS!!!!!!

Episode 13 – New Year, New York?

Presented by Hannah Bragman. This episode featured reports on the opening of Bird And Blend, highlights from Yindoors 2024 and a 2024 sizzle reel.

Episode 14 – Testing...Testing

Presented by Will Hubbard, with guest Meely Doherty. This episode featured reports on Swap Don't Shop and the Starbucks Open Mic Night, plus highlights from Election Results Night 2023 and a trailer for Game Night: King Of The Hill.

Episode 15 – Untitled Takeover

Presented by Kory Anderson with Hes Lington and guests Fion Cudmore and Marks Polakovs. This episode featured some "best of" VTs from previous seasons of Untitled.mov.

Episode 16 – Hi, I'm Alex Towells

Presented by Hannah Bragman and Alex Towells. This episode featured highlights of the previous day's Show Swap, a clip from the radio episode of York Yesterday and a therapy dogs report.

Episode 17 – Love is in the Air

Presented by Hannah Bragman, with Kory Anderson and Jack Brown as puppets who go on speed dates with Hannah. This episode featured a report from Light Up The Night and a behind-the-scenes clip from Undergrad.

Episode 18 – Stop The Presses

Presented by Hannah Bragman, with guests from Nouse and York Vision. This episode featured an interview with Big John and highlights from Elections and Roses.

Episode 19 – Game Day

Presented by Will Hubbard with Hes Lington and guest Jonathon Van Der Lith from York Sport Union, the episode focused on previewing College Varsity 2024. It also featured reports from Colour And Light and the Norman Rea Gallery Fashion Show, plus a repeat of The Sustainable Student.

Episode 20 – Plant Parents

Presented by Hannah Bragman with Hes Lington and a guest from Gardening Society, the episode featured a recap of College Varsity, a repeat of the SCOOP report and a short film made with Girls Night Out.

Episode 21 – Auf Wiedersehen

Presented by Hannah Bragman and Maddie Kane, this episode featured a report from the Norman Rea Gallery's exhibition launch and Hannah being tested on her German skills, plus repeats of the Yorktoberfest report and Hes and Pierrick's interview from ERN 2023.

Episode 22 – El-egg-tions

Presented by Jamie Parker-East with Hes Lington and Sustainability Strategy, the episode featured Jamie's 60 Second Manifesto, a trailer for MMA Fight Night, and reports from the History Of Art exhibition and ReFashion.

Episode 23 – Celebrations

Presented by Will Hubbard, this episode featured a March For Palestine report, highlights from Election Results Night and a report from URY's AM Turnoff.

Episode 24 - Let's Get Political

Presented by Hannah Bragman with Hes Lington, plus guests from Labour Club and a cameo by Alex Towells. The episode featured a series of clips from York's First Mayoral Election, showcasing interviews with the Liberal Democrat, Labour and Co-operative and Independent candidates.

Episode 25 – 50th Episode????

Presented by Ava Ubertowski with Hes Lington and guests from Central Hall Musical Society. The episode featured clips from two more interviews in the York's First Mayoral Election series (with the Green candidate and a second Independent candidate), as well as a clip from Into The Woods: Behind The Stage and highlights from Roses 2023.

Episode 26 – Roses Rewind

Presented by Hannah Bragman with guests Jamie Parker-East and Maddie Kane. The episode featured overall highlights from Roses 2024, alongside a report from the Pole Fitness event and vox pops with spectators. Notably, this was the first video released by YSTV during the 2024/25 committee.


Show Swap

Presented on URY by Maddie Kane, with Jamie Parker-East as Hes. This special radio edition featured a global news segment and an interview with BandSoc.