Game Night

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Game Night
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Genre: Entertainment
First Broadcast: 29 September 2023
Producer(s): Marks Polakovs

Season 1

Episode 1 - Space Team

Played by Alison Wong, Sanziana Popescu-Necşeşti and Sam Rooke.

Episode 2 - ROUNDS

Played by Sanziana Popescu-Necşeşti, Jamie Parker-East, Sam Rooke and Kory Anderson.

Episode 3 - We Were Here

Played by Ben Woolley and Sam Regan.

Episode 4 - Nidhogg 2

Played by Sanziana Popescu-Necşeşti and Jamie Parker-East with commentary from Beth Marsch.

Episode 5 - Operation: Tango

Played by Cameron Fox and Jamie Parker-East.

Episode 6 - To The Skies!

Microsoft Flight Simulator, played by Cameron Fox and Marks Polakovs. Notable for live chroma-keying the players into the cockpit of the virtual plane.

Season 2

The second season, subtitled King Of The Hill, features a new tournament-style format following four players over six matches.

Episode 1 – Tower Ducks

In the first heat, Kory Anderson and Jamie Parker-East play Towerfall Ascension, with Kory emerging victorious. In the second heat, Dizzy Cooper and Almira Moldovan play Duck Game. Dizzy wins and advances to the next round, while Jamie and Alm drop to the losers' bracket.

Episode 2 – GOLF BEASTS!

In the winners' bracket, Kory and Dizzy play Golf It, with Dizzy winning a place in the final. In the first elimination match, Jamie and Alm play Gang Beasts. Jamie wins and joins Kory in the semifinal, while Alm is eliminated.

Episode 3 – STICK FIGHT

In the semifinal, Jamie and Kory play Stick Fight: The Game. Jamie wins and advances to face Dizzy in the final, while Kory is eliminated.