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"Richard gives a vacant look as the camera feasts on his brain." - Ben

Richard joined YSTV in October 2003 under pressure from secondary school friend Jonathan Bufton. He quickly became invaluable to the station, with immense technical knowledge and was particularly keen to learn and help with the broadcast network, which had few champions at the time. He was elected Technical Director in May 2004, and later became Training Manager and Network Engineer. He achieved on-screen fame in "I'm Too Techie" during Children In Need 2005 and during 2006-7 produced his own show, YSTV Live.

2007 was his final year, and was spent helping recover stuff from the YSTV Archive and playing a large role in the YSTV 40 organisation. He went out with a bang, organising YSTV's coverage of Woodstock 2007.

Hangs out and adds stuff here as RichardAsh1981.