Raquel Bartra

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Name Raquel Bartra
Active in YSTV 2016-present
Positions Held Commercial Director (2017-2018)
Scheduling Manager (2016-2017)
FLOPPYs won Fifty Shades of Colour Grading (2017)
Home Town Lima, Perú
Current Location York

Raquel joined YSTV in Autumn 2016. After several weeks of being late to the meetings due to getting lost in the way to the station, she and Dan Maher finally figured out the way. Raquel ran for Scheduling Manager in by-elections just to get involved and became the last person to hold this position after it was made redundant in the AGM of 2017. She got elected Commercial Director in the 2017 elections. She hopes to do more things for the station in the following year.

Stuff She's Done

Commercial Director

Raquel's main goal is to figure out how Facebook engagement work.