Ask Look North (BBC Look North Collaboration)

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Ask Look North
Genre: Politics
Broadcast: 28th May 2017
Producer(s): Edwin Barnes
Katherine Bell

Ask Look North was a collaboration with BBC Look North (Yorkshire) in which YSTV, LSTV and Forge TV contributed live to a BBC Facebook livestream.



The set was lit up using photon-beards, with two rows of seating in YourSpace. From left to right, there was a wireless camera, the new C100 on the recently recovered jib, a wide shot and a camera for close-ups. Sound came from the lavalier on Joel, either handheld mic and an off-screen mic for atmosphere. The make-shift control room was in the glass meeting room, next to the Sabbs office.


YSTV Pop-Up Election Debate
Genre: Current Affairs
Broadcast: 28/05/2017
Producer(s): Ben Whybrow

Extended Show

Due to our total airtime on the Ask Look North livestream being of the order of a few minutes, it was decided we should do our own impromptu debate streamed to Facebook while we had the setup and political types, and so was born the YSTV Pop-Up Debate.

The tech team made up of Sam Willcocks and Tom Lee managed to setup the live stream for Facebook in a very short space of time, and once Sam Willcocks had made a quick stream holding card we went live for a 20-minute show. Joel Mitchell moderated a healthy and largely polite discussion, and we wrapped feeling like the effort setting up had been more worthwhile.


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