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Behind The Streams
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Genre: Behind The Scenes
First Broadcast: 07/06/2017
No. of Episodes: 5
Producer(s): Sam Hance

Behind The Streams is YSTV's behind the scenes series, taking a light hearted look into how each show is made.


Started when Sam Willcocks gave Sam an AC-90 suggesting he filmed some behind the scenes of #AskLookNorth before he started wireless camera operation for that broadcast.


Editing for the first episode began two days later on Tuesday 30th May. With titles and Kenric's shot of Liam Blake's dab. Whilst editing then on the Thursday following, Sam W and Edwin offered much support of what was being made. When it neared a more complete version, it was verbally ratified by Edwin and also Hui-Ling. The final edit was then approved of by Edwin and Sam W (after they had considered the memes that could work including the MLG Horn).

The Strong and Stable Livestream was filmed largely by Sam on DSLR following what happened from around 22:00 until 2am roughly. B-Roll was filmed by Dan Leigh but was never needed in the edit due to the programme length. The show went out a few weeks later.

For the episode on the Love York Awards, filming was done by Sam H on arrival to the station and he continued intermittently until he had to actually vision-mix the first half of the awards and then direct the second. He then caught the events post-show too.


The first episode went on the website on 6th June with the upload to Facebook at 6pm the next day. At the time of writing, it received 775 views.


Following Sam's push to use idents on videos (particularly with the lack of a livestream) the first episode began with an old fire ident found on the website. Several others thought it looked cool. It was shortened for this video.

The episode on The Love York Awards didn't feature an ident so to speak, but it featured a very early (if not the first) version of the YSTV logo.

Future Productions



It was shortlisted for the Best Entertainment YUMA but lost to Strong and Stable Livestream.

List of Episodes

Episode First Broadcast Producer(s) Trailer Programme Content
1 #AskLookNorth 07th June 2017 Sam Hance N/A A How To (Not) Make A YSTV Show, featuring a Dab counter with Liam Blake, pizza, dancing sabbs, automatic doors and tense conversations.
2 Strong and Stable General Election Livestream 27th June 2017 Sam Hance A tense black and white trailer showing high concentration levels and silent shouting by the team, with Joel then offering his predictions for NaSTA 2018. A more documentary style, observing different aspects to the production highlighting the show that won YUMAs over BTS. As well as another dab, there was an intriguing facial movements counter as well as set pieces with Raquel Bartra and Joel Mitchell, Sam Willcocks and his headphones, Sam W and his discussion with Matt Stratford as well as many other jokes. IT also featured a teaser trailer for the upcoming The Big Tech Redo.
3 Love York Awards 25th August 2017 Sam Hance Shots from the show in the same old film style along with the music as used in the show. Introduces the YSTV Education Department whoever they are. In the style of an old public information film, this episode shows what went into the rigging and de-rigging of Central Hall. It features a voice-over and set pieces with Dan Maher, the highly commended extra mile winner and Raquel Bartra in particular. The setup and de-rig are shown and a dab does feature too.
4 Tech Redos 22nd October 2017 Sam Hance N/A Using the small amount of footage from the summer's tech redo, it is styled as an advert. It like one of those videos in supermarkets or on shopping channels, except you're having YSTV's tech team advertised. They'll come and 'fix' your control room and servers. Except, they're unavailable. All the time.
5 Christmas Massacre December 2017 Sam Hance N/A In the style of a home movie caught on VHS. This episode covered the goings on throughout the whole 'festive' livestream.