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"She likes dogs. And writing. She should probably write this wiki page - Sam Hance 2019"

Olivia on a day out with YSTV

Olivia joined YSTV in autumn 2017. Initially Olivia was a quiet, shy fresher – a fact that would shock people who know her now. She is one of the TFTV bunch and enjoys being the third wheel to the Dynamic Duo. She became the Secretary at the 2018 elections and currently holds the position of Production Director. Aspiring towards a career in film and TV, she studies the BSc in Film and TV Production.

Olivia directing for YSTV Sport

Notable Achievements

  • Co-writing and co-directing Everything Sucks with Thomas Schubert
  • Co-directing Love York Awards 2019 with Thomas Schubert
  • Producing Summer Ball 2019
  • Producing Dogs of York
  • Vision Mixing YUSU Elections 2019
  • Introducing Trello as Production Director to keep track of pre-production, production and post-production
  • Making over 50 Amendments to the YSTV Constitution
  • Learning After Effects and creating graphics such as the URYSTV opening titles
  • Being Nominated for Outstanding Behind the Scenes Contribution at the 2019 YUMAs


Her first production was a Coffee House Session that got cancelled but it was where she first met the lovely Steph who persuaded her to keep going to more productions. She then camera operated for International Student Association Performance night. She then went AWOL whilst she tried out different societies, and mostly, didn’t like them.

After accidentally going to an admin meeting, she realised she wanted to be more involved on committee.

Her biggest step forward was running for Secretary in the 2018 elections and winning – to her surprise but then again no-one else ran. She then got more involved by attending Roses 2018 in Lancaster and meeting other stations.

She is so glad that she stuck with YSTV and had a great year as Secretary reading all the terrible spam emails and starting to produce more productions such as Sixty Seconds with STYCs. She also accidentally ended up producing an entire Halloween Livestream all because she wanted to do pumpkin carving.

YSTV has given her an amazing group of friends to make productions with and to spend time going on trips out such as YSTV goes camping. She was also the Training and Development Officer for Roses 2019 and has produced and director a lot more productions in her second year.

The highlight of her time at YSTV so far is, of course, winning Best Broadcaster at NASTA 2019.

She was elected Production Director in the 2019 Elections and is so excited to oversee all the wonderful productions next year.

Productions 2019

Notable productions from 2019 include producing Summer Ball and Dogs of York, vision mixing YUSU Elections 2019 and directing Love York Awards.

  • Summer Ball
  • Roses 2019
  • YUSU Elections 2019
  • Dogs of York
  • Love York Awards
  • Everything Sucks (Comedy Short Film)
  • Maths Skill Centre Commercial
  • YSTV Reports: York Roman Festival
  • Big D 2019
  • YSTV Sport: Floor Ball Livestream
  • URYSTV sessions
  • Bustice
  • Robbing Chloe (Comedy Short Film)

Productions 2018

Notable productions from 2018 include producing Carols at the Minster and the Halloween Livestream.

  • Coffee House Sessions
  • ISA Performance Night
  • Roses 2018
  • Love York Awards
  • Micklegate Run
  • STYCs in Sixty Seconds
  • Nouse Debate
  • Halloween Livestream 2018
  • Boxing Fight Night
  • Carols at the Minster


  • Spam Warrior
  • YSTV Member with the Biggest Balls